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The Second Kennett Ministry 1996

The Kennett government was re-elected to a second term at elections on March 30, 1996.

The formation of the Liberal-Nationals coalition government was announced on April 2.


From the Office of the Premier of Victoria

Tuesday April 2, 1996


The Premier, Mr. Kennett, today announced a streamlined 18 member Cabinet and a restructuring of Departments to prepare Government for the challenges of the 21st century.

The changes announced today will ensure the efficient delivery of high quality services that are not only readily accessible but meet community expectations and take advantage of technological advancement, the Premier said.

The existing number of Departments will be reduced from 11 to 8 and the size of the Ministry will be reduced from 21 to 18.

The new Ministerial and Departmental structure will deliver to the people of Victoria continued good, responsive government and will further position Victoria as a major player in the delivery of quality government services into the next century.

In selecting a Ministry to take Victoria towards the beginning of the next century I have been conscious of the need to ensure a continuity of experience while at the same time providing a blend of new talent.

The new 18 strong Ministry achieves this objective.

I take this opportunity of thanking those outgoing Ministers who have served the Government and the people of Victoria with great distinction. Bill Baxter, Michael John, Jim Plowman, Geoff Coleman and Roger Pescott have each made significant contributions to what was undoubtedly an outstanding first term Ministerial team. I look forward to their continued contribution as members of Parliament.

I have asked Bill Baxter to undertake responsibility for the proposed renovation and completion of Parliament House. This work will be undertaken by the Parliament House Construction Authority which Mr. Baxter will chair.

It is expected that this work will be completed by 2001. Mr. Baxter will be accorded Ministerial status in undertaking this task.

In addition to the selection of a new 18 person Ministry, Parliamentary Secretaries associated with each of the eight Departments and/or portfolios have also been appointed.

The appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries provide not only Ministers with invaluable assistance in carrying out their portfolio duties, but also enables the provision of an identifiable career structure for Coalition MPs.

The list of appointments to Parliamentary Secretary positions is included in the attached Ministerial listings.

* * *

Attachment A


Portfolio Minister Department

Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for the Arts

The Hon Jeff Kennett MLA Premier and Cabinet
Deputy Premier

Minister for Agriculture and Resources

The Hon Pat McNamara MLA Natural Resources and the Environment
Minister for Education The Hon Phil Gude MLA Education
Minister for Industry,

Science and Technology

The Hon Mark Birrell MLC State Development
Minister for Health and the Aged The Hon Rob Knowles MLC Human Services

Minister for Multi-media

The Hon Alan Stockdale MLA Treasury and Finance

State Development

Minister for Police and Emergency Services

Minister for Corrections

The Hon Bill McGrath MLA Justice
Minister for Finance

Minister for Gaming

The Hon Roger Hallam MLC Treasury and Finance
Minister for Small Business

Minister for Tourism

The Hon Louise Asher MLC State Development
Minister for Transport The Hon Alan Brown MLA Infrastructure
Minister for Roads and Ports The Hon Geoff Craige MLC Infrastructure
Minister for Housing (Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs) Mrs Ann Henderson MLA Human Services
Minister for Tertiary Education

Minister Assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs

Mr Phil Honeywood MLA Education
Minister for Planning and for Local Government The Hon Rob Maclellan MLA Infrastructure
Minister for Youth and for Community Services Dr Denis Napthine MLA Human Services
Minister for Sport

Minister for Rural Development

The Hon Tom Reynolds MLA State Development
Minister for Conservation and Land Management The Hon Marie Tehan MLA Natural Resources and the Environment

Minister for Womens Affairs

Minister for Fair Trading

The Hon Jan Wade MLA Justice
Parliamentary Secretary to Cabinet The Hon Rosemary Varty MLC Premier and Cabinet
Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier for the Arts Mrs Lorraine Elliott MLA Premier and Cabinet
Parliamentary Secretary, Treasury and Finance Mr Robert Clark MLA Treasury and Finance
Parliamentary Secretary, State Development Mr Barry Steggall MLA State Development
Parliamentary Secretary, Education Mr Stephen Elder MLA Education
Parliamentary Secretary, Human Services Mr Robert Doyle MLA Human Services
Parliamentary Secretary, Natural Resources The Hon Phil Davis MLC Natural Resources and the Environment
Parlimentary Secretary, Justice Dr Robert Dean MLA Justice
Parliamentary Secretary, Planning The Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC Infrastructure
Parliamentary Secretary, Transport, Roads and Ports Mr Robin Cooper MLA Infrastructure

Attachment B


Premier and Cabinet
Multicultural Affairs

Treasury and Finance
State Owned Enterprises
Public Sector Industrial Relations

State Development
Industry and Employment
Science and Technology
Small Business
Rural Development

School Education
Tertiary Education

Human Services
The Aged
Community Services
Aboriginal Affairs

Womens Affairs
Fair Trading
Emergency Services

Local Government
Roads and Ports

Natural Resources and the Environment
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Conservation and Land Management

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