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Archives for June 1996

Gary Gray: The Funding Of Political Parties

This is the text of a speech on Political Funding by the ALP National Secretary, Gary Gray.

The speech was given at The Sydney Institute.

Thank you, Gerard.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have not come to the Sydney Institute today to pick over the entrails of the election on 2 March. Today I want to discuss with you an issue which goes to the heart of our pluralist democratic society.

The issue I would like to discuss is how our parties are funded. The inter relationship of politics and business has always been….controversial to say the least. But with our kind of economy and our kind of democracy, there will always be a close relationship between politics and business.

So I would like to flesh out…from the view point of the Labor Party some principles and a philosophy on the funding of parties.

Over the last three year political cycle, the two major parties, counting the Coalition as a single entity, spent over $155 million. The Coalition spent around $88 million, Labor around $67 million. [Read more…]

Senate Whitewater Committee Report Released

This is the report on Whitewater by the Senate Committee chaired by New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato.

The Special Committee to Investigate Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters was established by the Senate, by a vote of 96-3, on May 17, 1995. [Read more…]

ALP National Secretary Gary Gray’s Address to the Queensland ALP Conference

ALP National Secretary Gary Gray says the ALP needs to “act as a Party” if it is to return to office federally and in the states.

Addressing the Queensland ALP Conference, Gray said it was important that the ALP not behave “as a bickering and jostling collection of factions, more interested in small victories over internal rivals than in the larger victory: over the hearts, the minds, the perceptions and the votes of the electorate.”

Gray said: “The way back to government for Labor, all around the country is: the pursuit of a “common cause” through “common sense”. Common sense doesn’t sound like a grand ideal. But it is – I would argue – the core value of the Labor Party.” [Read more…]

Queensland Constitution Act Amendment Act 1934 – 1996

This is the Queensland Constitution Act Amendment Act 1934.

It is the current Queensland Constitution, as amended and correct as of June 7, 1996. [Read more…]