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William Hague’s First Shadow Cabinet

This is Conservative Opposition Leader William Hague’s first Shadow Cabinet.

Aged 36, Hague was elected Tory leader following the defeat of John Major’s government by Tony Blair and the Labour Party.

  1. Shadow Chancellor: Peter Lilley (with overall responsibility for development of party policy)
  2. Foreign Secretary: Michael Howard
  3. Home Secretary: Brian Mawhinney
  4. Party Chairman: Lord Parkinson
  5. Education and Employment Secretary: Stephen Dorrell
  6. Shadow Leader of the House: Gillian Shephard (also shadows the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster)
  7. Leader of the Lords: Viscount Cranborne
  8. Defence Secretary: Sir George Young
  9. Trade and Industry Secretary: John Redwood
  10. Environment, Transport and the Regions: Sir Norman Fowler
  11. Constitutional Affairs Spokesman: Michael Ancram (with overall responsibility for Scottish and Welsh issues)
  12. Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Minister: David Curry
  13. International Development Secretary: Alastair Goodlad
  14. Chief Secretary to the Treasury: David Heathcoat-Amory
  15. National Heritage Secretary: Francis Maude
  16. Northern Ireland Secretary: Andrew Mackay
  17. Health Secretary: John Maples
  18. Social Security Secretary: Iain Duncan Smith
  19. Commons Chief Whip: James Arbuthnot
  20. Lords Chief Whip: Lord Strathclyde
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