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Archives for August 1997

John Howard Offers Condolences Following Death Of Princess Diana

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has expressed his condolences following the death Diana, Princess of Wales.

The princess died in a car crash in Paris, earlier today. [Read more…]

In The National Interest: Foreign Policy White Paper

This is the Howard government’s foreign policy White Paper, “In the National Interest”.

The document was released by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, and the Minister for Trade, Tim Fischer. [Read more…]

Bob Brown: The Greens, Hanson And The Death Of The Two-Party System

This is the text of a speech given by Senator Bob Brown to the National Press Club.

Senator Bob BrownThe Prime Minister will be asking Parliament before Christmas to hand 42 percent of Australia to less than one percent of the people. In fact, 42 percent of Australia to fewer than one tenth of one percent of the population. From Cape York to Kalgoorlie, from Dubbo to Darwin, most of Australia’s great red heart will go to a brace of millionaires, pastoral and mining companies at the expense of every other Australian. Amongst the beneficiaries of the upgrading of pastoral leases will be Kerry Packer and Janet Holmes a Court.

Mr Howard’s plan opens the way for this vast region to be converted from leasehold – that is rented property restricted to cattle-grazing, to effective freehold – with far wider potential uses, without Aboriginal permission. Mr Howard’s 10 point plan provides for a transfer of money as well as land – where required, compensation is to be paid by the taxpayers of Australia to the dispossessed Aboriginal people. So the rich landholders take it free of charge, and the taxpayers foot the bill. There is no nicety or cover-up or embarrassment about this monstrous land grab such as Australia has never seen before, not even in the age of squatters and colonial land grants. Mr Howard’s hinterland clearance of Aboriginal rights is Australia’s version of the highland clearances. [Read more…]