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ALP National Executive – 1998

The ALP National Executive is elected at the triennial National Conference.

The State branches of the ALP are represented in proportion to their size. The overall composition of the Executive reflects the factional make-up of the party.

According to the ALP’s website:

“The chief administrative authority of the Party is the National Executive, which is subject only to the authority of the National Conference. The Executive meets at regular intervals, about four times a year. It has very wide powers and can intervene in every aspect of ALP activity. It is responsible for carrying out National Conference decisions and for interpreting Party policy between National Conferences.

“The Executive also superintends the committee work which regularly revises the Platform for approval of the National Conference. This work is done by policy committees which review the existing Platform and make recommendations for changes and additions where necessary. The National Executive is made up of 20 executive members elected by the National Conference.”

The Current Executive

National President

  • Barry Jones

Leader of the Opposition

  • Kim Beazley

New South Wales

  • George Campbell
  • John Faulkner
  • Steve Hutchins
  • Ursula Stephens


  • Kim Carr
  • Stephen Conroy
  • Joe DeBruyn
  • Jenny Macklin
  • Greg Sword


  • Don Brown
  • Joan Budd
  • Bill Ludwig
  • Janice Mayes

Western Australia

  • Peter Cook
  • Catherine Crawford
  • Mark Bishop

South Australia

  • Lyn Bruer
  • Margaret Sexton
  • Trish White


  • Duncan Kerr
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