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Background Information On Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson was elected to the Australian House of Representatives at the general election of March 2, 1996.

She represents the electorate of Oxley in Queensland, an outer metropolitan seat centred on Ispwich.

Hanson was pre-selected as the Liberal candidate, but disendorsed by the Liberal Party during the election campaign because of comments she made concerning aborigines and immigration. However, since she was disendorsed after the close of nominations, she appeared on the ballot paper as a Liberal.

Oxley is a traditionally safe Labor electorate. From 1961 until 1988, the seat was held by the former ALP leader and Governor-General, Bill Hayden.

In 1975, Oxley was the only Queensland electorate retained by the ALP in the election that followed the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor Government.

From October 1988 until the general election of 1996, Oxley was held for the ALP by Les Scott.

Hanson secured a swing of 19.31% to take the seat from the ALP. This was the single biggest swing in any of the 148 electorates in the House of Representatives.

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Election Result in Oxley (Qld) 2 March 1996
Candidate Party Votes %
Wyles, Carl 765 1.09
Scott, Les ALP 27,497 39.36
Hanson, Pauline IND 33,960 48.61
Pullen, David Roy DEM 4,248 6.08
Robb, Victor IND 1,094 1.57
McKeon, John Robert GRN 1,870 2.68
Chapman, Bill AIP 433 0.62
Formal 69,867 97.15
Informal 2,049 2.85
Total 71,916 94.94
Two Party Preferred Coalition 38,129 54.66
ALP 31,622 45.34


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