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Archives for July 1998

Linda Tripp Speaks To The Media After Grand Jury Testimony

This is the text of Linda Tripp’s remarks to the media.

Her comments followed the completion of her testimony before the federal grand jury.

Text of remarks to the media by Linda Tripp.

Good afternoon.

I’m not a public speaker. I am going to have to refer to my notes. Please bear with me.

I’ve just completed my testimony before the federal grand jury. This has been a lengthy process and, as I’m sure you can imagine, a very difficult one.

While I am relieved that the testimony has come to an end, I am glad to have fulfilled my legal obligation to the grand jury by testifying truthfully and completely. [Read more…]

Hanson Makes Front Page Of Washington Post

Pauline Hanson has appeared on the front page of the Washington Post in a report on Australia’s immigration policies.

The newspaper says: “Hanson’s ‘us first’ message, with its emotional racial overtones, caught much of Australia by surprise two years ago, and again last month. Few had imagined the depth and rawness of the feelings Hanson brings to the surface.”

“Australia is a changed place because of Hanson,” the newspaper says. “Even those who despire what she says acknowledge that she has pushed the country to talk openly about a taboo subject.” [Read more…]

Pauline Hanson Responds To Tony Abbott

Following two parliamentary attacks by Tony Abbott, One Nation’s Pauline Hanson responded in the House of Representatives tonight.

Hnason defended the structure of One Nation, claiming it was “public and limited and without shareholders”, and protected its members from debts.

Hansard transcript, House of Representatives, July 2, 1998.

Ms HANSON (Oxley) (5.44 p.m.)–It has been very interesting to sit here and listen to all the concerns. Actually, it is very rare that you see bipartisanship happen in this House. You cannot have bipartisanship by either side of the House on concerns of maybe unemployment or looking after the interests of Australians, but you can when it comes to Pauline Hanson or the member for Oxley or One Nation. So Australian people will be very much interested in this. [Read more…]

Tony Abbott On One Nation’s Structure

For the second day running, the Parliamentary Secretary for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Tony Abbott, has used Parliament to attack “the real nature” of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party.

Mr. Abbott challenged the status of One Nation, its structure and its right to public funding.

Hansard, House of Representatives, July 2, 1998.

Mr ABBOTT (Warringah–Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs) (5.15 p.m.)–Over the past fortnight, questions have been raised in this House about the real nature of One Nation. Is it a party or is it a business? Is it a democracy or is it a dictatorship? Is it really an unstable political menage a trois linking the two Davids, D1 and D2, with an antipodean version of Eva Peron? One of the key questions is the fate of the $500,000 worth of taxpayers’ money to which it has always been assumed One Nation is entitled in the wake of the Queensland election result. To receive public funding, a party must be registered under
the relevant act. [Read more…]

National Greenhouse Strategy – 1998

This is Australia’s National Greenhouse Strategy.

The foreword to the strategy says: “The National Greenhouse Strategy is the primary mechanism through which our international commitments will be met. The Strategy extends the program of action launched by all Australian Governments through the 1992 National Greenhouse Response Strategy.

“The National Greenhouse Strategy has been developed by the Commonwealth and all State and Territory Governments. The Australian Local Government Association, and industry and community consultations also have made an important contribution.” [Read more…]

One Nation Immigration, Population And Social Cohesion Policy

Pauline Hanson has released One Nation’s immigration policy.


Immigration, Population and Social Cohesion Policy 1998


Since British colonial settlement in 1788 the Australian continent has had continuous population growth initially fuelled by immigration. Migration began through the desperate need of the British Government to find a dumping ground for convicts who, together with the military and a few free settlers, faced the problems of carving out a life in the harsh environment of the Colony of New South Wales.

No immigration philosophy existed in these early days of European settlement, migration mainly being influenced by events such as the gold rushes. [Read more…]

Tony Abbott On One Nation

This is the Hansard transcript of Tony Abbott’s speech in the Adjournment Debate in the House of Representatives.

Adjournment Debate, Hansard, July 1, 1998.

Mr ABBOTT (Warringah–Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs) (7.05 p.m.)–As the member for Werriwa (Mr Latham) well knows, politics sometimes makes for odd bedfellows, and even the best of us get saddled with our own personal Judas. I do not judge the Labor Party by Mal Colston. Years ago it would have been quite improper to judge the Nationalist Party by T.J. Leahy, and the member for
Werriwa should not judge me by David Oldfield. [Read more…]