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Pauline Hanson Responds To Tony Abbott

Following two parliamentary attacks by Tony Abbott, One Nation’s Pauline Hanson responded in the House of Representatives tonight.

Hnason defended the structure of One Nation, claiming it was “public and limited and without shareholders”, and protected its members from debts.

Hansard transcript, House of Representatives, July 2, 1998.

Ms HANSON (Oxley) (5.44 p.m.)–It has been very interesting to sit here and listen to all the concerns. Actually, it is very rare that you see bipartisanship happen in this House. You cannot have bipartisanship by either side of the House on concerns of maybe unemployment or looking after the interests of Australians, but you can when it comes to Pauline Hanson or the member for Oxley or One Nation. So Australian people will be very much interested in this.

It is interesting that the member for Menzies, Mr Andrews, only raises concerns for newly emerging registered political parties. No doubt this is because he does not wish to discuss the actual details and structure of his own party. Perhaps someone from the Liberal Party in New South Wales would like to explain their unincorporated structure that exposes all their members to huge debts. One Nation has a structure that is public and limited and without shareholders. It, unlike the Liberal Party–at least in New South Wales–protects its members from debts. The directors of this Australian registered structure have serious responsibilities under the Australian Securities Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission. Many sporting organisations have an identical structure, yet no-one questions them.

It should be further understood that our reporting to the Australian Electoral Commission is considerable and a matter of the public record. In fact, we are subject to audit at any time by the AEC, and our books are kept in a continual state of readiness. This potential for audit places our organisation under greater scrutiny than any company registered with the Australian Securities Commission. The smear of tax havens and questions of democracy are without substance and simply hypocritical considering the well-documented dodgy internal voting of the major parties on such things as preselections and the like. Allegations of the source of funds, work in kind and deals of an interesting nature have been levelled at all the parties, but this is conveniently forgotten in the quest to slur One Nation. With an ever increasing series of untruths, it defies logic and is only surpassed by the desire of the press to be a part of the spread of such nonsense. I suggest Mr Andrews look into his own backyard first and also bear in mind that we report to the Australian Securities Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission, not him or his fellow politically motivated dealers in dark untruths.

It is no doubt an eye-opening experience for all Australians. We see without question that you are only united when it comes to opposing the threat we pose to your comfortable coexistence. No wonder Australians are fed up with the gutter tactics they see from the members of this House–their representatives.

Mr SPEAKER–The member for Oxley should address the motion before the House.

Ms HANSON–I thank the member for Dickson (Mr Tony Smith) and the member for Kalgoorlie (Mr Campbell) for their support. And I will tell you something: I am not going anywhere.

Mr SPEAKER–Order! The time allotted for this discussion has now expired.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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