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Hanson Makes Front Page Of Washington Post

Pauline Hanson has appeared on the front page of the Washington Post in a report on Australia’s immigration policies.

The newspaper says: “Hanson’s ‘us first’ message, with its emotional racial overtones, caught much of Australia by surprise two years ago, and again last month. Few had imagined the depth and rawness of the feelings Hanson brings to the surface.”

“Australia is a changed place because of Hanson,” the newspaper says. “Even those who despire what she says acknowledge that she has pushed the country to talk openly about a taboo subject.”

“Hanson is emblematic of a phenomenon seen in a number of rich, predominantly white countries that, like Australia, are struggling to come to terms with new racial diversity. In some cases, immigration has sparked a backlash, giving rise to a lightning-rod political figure – like Hanson – who electrifies people by saying things they may be ashamed to say themselves, or ashamed even to think.”


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Malcolm Farnsworth
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