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House Set To Impeach Clinton; Livingston Decides To Not Contest Speaker’s Position

For the first time since 1868, an American President is facing impeachment by the House of Representatives.

The House is expected to vote within hours to support at least one of the four articles of impeachment passed last week by the Judiciary Committee.

As the air strikes continue against the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, Clinton faces the most important vote of his political career. Impeachment will mean that the president will be sent for trial in the Senate. A two-thirds vote there can remove Clinton from office.

The atmosphere in Washington has been described in recent days as surreal, as the two wars, one political, one military, have been played out. The full House met for 12 hours on Friday to debate the articles of impeachment and is to further debate them for one hour on Saturday morning before proceeeding to a vote.

Speculation is rife about the tactics that the House Democrats may adopt in the next few hours. There are suggestions that they may stage a walk-out if their attempts to recommit the Articles of Impeachment and substitute them with a motion of censure fails.

President Clinton is reported to be ready to make a public statement in the White House Rose Garden after the votes. He will be flanked by the Democratic Party congressional leadership.

Bob Livingston – The Speaker Who Never Was

LivingstonSpeaker-designate Bob Livingston has announced to the House of Representatives that he will not nominate for Speaker when the 106th Congress meets for the first time in early January.

Livingston’s announcement came as he also called upon President Clinton to resign and follows his admission this week of extra-marital affairs.

  • Listen to Livingston’s announcement:

The Internet has become the forum for much debate and lobbying over the fate of the 42nd president. Some of these are:

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