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Archives for January 1999

John Howard: The Australian Way

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has delivered a speech outlining his government’s priorities for 1999 and beyond.

Howard addressed the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Text of Prime Minister John Howard’s speech to the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

John HowardThe success or failure of a nation essentially begins in the homes of its people.

And as we stand on the edge of the new millennium, Australia’s fortune lies not so much with parliaments or business, or political parties or money markets but with individual Australians – young and old, men and women, Australians by birth or choice.

Each one of us responsible for building our own lives and the life of our nation. All
of us accountable to ourselves, to those around us, to the future itself. [Read more…]

U.S. Senate Votes To Continue Clinton Impeachment Trial, Call Witnesses

In a largely partisan vote, the United States Senate has voted not to dismiss the charges in the Impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

LottBy 56 votes to 44, with only one Democrat, Wisconsin’s Senator Russell Feingold, voting with the Republicans, the Senate opted to continue the trial and to subpoena witnesses.

Agreement has not yet been reached, but it is expected that the Republicans will depose three witnesses: Monica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan and Sidney Blumenthal.

The depositions of the three witnesses would begin as early as Thursday and would be videotaped. Each deposition would last six hours, equally divided between the White House and House prosecutors with two senators sitting in as mediators. [Read more…]

Saturday Night Spectacle: Fight Over Lewinsky

The attempts by House Managers to interview Monica Lewinsky caused uproar in the Capitol on Saturday, January 23, 1999.

US District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ordered Lewinsky to appear before the House managers or lose her immunity from prosecution.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin unsuccessfully attempted to delay the adjournment of the Senate trial. Harkin also requested Chief Justice Rehnquist to overturn Holloway’s ruling. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: 50 Questions Asked By Senators

After six days of silence whilst the House Managers presented the case against President Clinton and the White House legal team rebutted the charges, Senators were able to submit written questions to both sides.

The questions were read by the Chief Justice, William Rehnquist.

Text of 50 questions asked by Senators in the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

1. Sens. Allard, Bunning, Coverdell and Craig to the House managers:

Is it the opinion of the House managers that the president’s defense team in the presentation mischaracterized any factual or legal issue in this case? If so, please explain. [Read more…]

Senator Byrd To Move For Impeachment Trial To Be Dismissed

As the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton entered its third week, Senator Robert Byrd moved for it to be dismissed.

Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, had served in the Senate since 1959. At his death in 2010, Byrd was the longest-serving Senator.

His move to dismiss the trial came during the question state of the trial. It was rejected.

Text of statement issued by West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd.

Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV)I have met with the Senate Republican and Democratic Leaders to inform them that I plan to offer a motion to dismiss the charges and end this impeachment trial.

In the agreement entered into between Republican and Democratic Senators a few days ago, provision was made for a motion to dismiss that could come as early as the beginning as next week. I plan to make this motion not because I believe that the President did no wrong. In fact, I think he has caused his family, his friends, and this nation great pain. I believe that he has weakened the already fragile public trust that has been placed in his care. But I am convinced that the necessary two-thirds for conviction are not there and that they are not likely to develop. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: Comments By Former Senator Dale Bumpers

These are the comments by Dale Bumpers to the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Bumpers, a Democrat, was the former Governor of Arkansas (1971-75) and a former United States Senator for Arkansas (1975-99). He had retired just a couple of weeks before the impeachment trial began. Bumpers died on New Year’s Day 2016, aged 90.

Comments by former Senator Dale Bumpers.

Dale BumpersMr. Chief Justice, distinguished House managers from the House of Representatives, colleagues, I have seen the look of disappointment on many faces because I know a lot of people thought you were rid of me once and for all.

And I’ve taken a lot of ribbing this afternoon, but I have seriously negotiated with some people, particularly on this side, by an offer to walk out and not deliver this speech in exchange for a few votes. I understand three have it under active consideration. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: Statement By Clinton Attorney David Kendall

This is the statement by David Kendall at the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Kendall was the President’s attorney.

Statement by President Clinton’s Attorney David Kendall.

REHNQUIST: The Senate will convene as a court of impeachment. The chaplain will offer a prayer.

OGILVIE: Dear God, you know what we need before we ask you. But in the asking, our minds and hearts are prepared to receive your answer.

In this impeachment trial, we’ve learned again that really listening over a prolonged period of time is hard work. Often it’s difficult to hear what is said because of differing convictions. Dissonance causes discordant static. Sometimes our preconceptions about what we think will be said keep us from hearing what is actually said. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: Cheryl Mills Statement

This is the statement by Cheryl Mills to the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Mills was White House Deputy Counsel.

  • Listen to Cheryl Mills (54m)

White House Deputy Counsel Cheryl Mills’ statement.

WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY COUNSEL CHERYL MILLS: Mr. Chief Justice, Managers from the House of Representatives, members of the Senate, good afternoon. My name is Cheryl Mills and I am deputy counsel to the president. I am honored to be here today on behalf of the president to address you.

Today, incidentally, marked my sixth year anniversary in the White House. I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to serve our country and this president. It is a particular honor for me to stand on the Senate floor today. I’m an Army brat. My father served in the Army for 27 years. I grew up in a military world where opportunity was not just — where opportunity was a reality, and not just a slogan. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: White House Counsel Greg Craig’s Statement

This is the statement by Greg Craig, during the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Craig was White House Special Counsel.

  • Listen to Craig’s presentation (150m)

Statement by White House Special Counsel, Greg Craig.

WHITE HOUSE SPECIAL COUNSEL GREGORY CRAIG: Mr. Chief Justice, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, distinguished managers from the House, good afternoon.

My name is Greg Craig, and I’m special counsel to the president.

I’m here today on behalf of President Clinton. I’m here to argue that he is not guilty of the allegations of grand jury perjury set forth in Article I. [Read more…]

GOP Response To The 1999 State Of The Union Address

This is the Republican Party Response to President Bill Clinton’s 1999 State of the Union Address.

The State of the Union Address took place whilst Clinton was on trial in the Senate, following his impeachment by the House of Representatives in December 1998.

GOP Response to President Bill Clinton’s 1999 State of the Union Address.

DunnDunn: Good evening, I’m Jennifer Dunn. I represent the people of the 8th District of Washington state.

Largent: And I’m Steve Largent from the 1st District of Oklahoma.

Dunn: As you might imagine – if you’d been sitting with us in the House Chamber tonight as the president was giving his speech – you could have felt the swirl of history, These are disturbing and controversial times in our nation’s capital. [Read more…]