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Archives for September 1999

Independents’ Charter Victoria – 1999

This is the full text of the Independents’ Charter released in Victoria following the 1999 state election.

The election unexpectedly resulted in a hung parliament and ultimately led to the defeat of the Kennett government.

The independents who held the balance of power were Russell Savage (Mildura), Susan Davies (Gippsland West) and Craig Ingram (Gippsland East). [Read more…]

Kennett Government Mauled in Election Upset; Independents May Hold Balance Of Power; Country Voters Turn On Coalition; Majority Prefers Labor

The Kennett Government has suffered a mauling in the Victorian State election held on September 18 and is struggling to maintain its majority in the Legislative Assembly.

At the close of counting on Saturday night, the government had lost at least 11 seats and was struggling in at least two more. The ALP appears to have secured 41 seats, the Government 42 and Independents 2. There are two seats in doubt. The final result may hinge on a supplementary election to be held in Frankston East. [Read more…]

Steve Bracks Election Night Speech; Big Gains But Not There Yet

This is audio of Victorian Labor leader Steve Bracks speaking to enthusiastic supporters on election night 1999.

A large swing in the regional areas of Gippsland, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo delivered a swag of seats to the opposition.

As counting for the night ended, it appeared that a hung parliament was the most likely result. [Read more…]

Kennett Government Struggling To Survive; Big Anti-Liberal Swing; Rural Areas Turn Against Coalition; Unexpected Result Stuns Victoria

The Kennett coalition government is struggling to survive a large swing against it as counting continues in today’s election.

At 9pm tonight, it was not clear that the Government would even secure a majority in the lower house. The government may be forced to rely on independents to retain government.

The ALP has won the following seats from the coalition: Oakleigh, Narracan, Ballarat East, Ballarat West, Ripon, Tullamarine and Gisborne. The loss of Gisborne by the government is a major blow, since Health Minister Rob Knowles was tipped as the next deputy leader.

The election may ultimately hinge on the result in Frankston East where the election has been declared invalid following the death of the sitting independent and former Liberal member, Peter McClellan. [Read more…]

Rural Funding – The Victorian ALP ‘Taps’ Election Advertisement

The ‘taps’ advertisement became famous after the 1999 Victorian state election.

It is now seen as having tapped into the electoral mood of disenchantment which brought about the end of the Kennett-led Coalition government.

The swings against the government occurred in the Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong regions, as well as in Gippsland and the area around Melbourne’s north, such as Seymour.

This advertisement is a reminder of the effectiveness of the campaign Steve Bracks and John Brumby put together in regional areas to highlight the Melbourne-centric focus of the Kennett government.

Bob Brown On Climate Change

This is the transcript of Senator Bob Brown’s Second Reading Speech on the Climate Change (Implementation) Bill 1999.

Senator Bob BrownHow’s the weather? Getting hotter, according to most of the world’s scientists!

The World Meteorological Organisation records 1998 as the warmest year worldwide since reliable measurements began in 1860. Seven of the 10 warmest years have been in the 1990s, and the mean surface temperature of the planet has risen by 0.7° C in the last century. In Australia, 1998 was the hottest year since records began in 1910. [Read more…]

Roles And Structure Of The Australian Electoral Commission

AECClick here to visit the AEC website

The Australian Electoral Commission was established as an independent statutory authority on February 21, 1984, following amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918) by the Hawke government. The creation of the AEC was one of many significant electoral reforms introduced at that time. [Read more…]

Proposed Wording For Preamble Referendum

This is the proposed wording for the Preamble to the Constitution that will be voted on in a referendum later this year.

Proposed wording of Constitutional Preamble.

With hope in God, the Commonwealth of Australia is constituted as a democracy with a federal system of Government to serve the common good.

We the Australian people commit ourselves to this Constitution [Read more…]