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Republic Failing, But Result Is Closer Than Expected

Nov 6 – 8.15pm

It is now clear that both referendum proposals have been defeated.

The Republic has about 47% of the vote, whilst the Preamble has 41%. Victoria is the only State where the YES vote stands a chance of reaching 50% – currently the figure is 49.71%.

8.00pm – With 45% of the vote counted, but still no results from Western Australia, where voting continues, the YES vote on the republic is 47%, NO 53%.

The Preamble is sitting on NO 58.9%, YES 41.1%.

7.23pm – The YES vote nationally now stands at 45.2% compared with 54.8% for NO with 14.1% counted. The NO vote is 79% in Queensland. Tasmania is also voting solidly NO, around the mid-30s.

7.15pm – The YES vote has risen to 44% nationally.

Early figures indicate that a 54% of voters in John Howard’s seat of Bennelong favour a republic.

7.05pm – The YES vote nationally has risen to 42% and there is media speculation that the republic may garner a majority overall, but fail to win in 4 states as required by the Constitution.

Tasmania is voting solidly NO. The YES vote in Tasmania remains in the mid-30s.

The Preamble is falling about 5% behind the republic vote.

Republic Heading For Defeat As Referendum Counting Gets Underway

Nov 6 – 6.50pm: Early figures from counting in the referendum puts the NO vote at around 60-61% in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

To succeed a referendum requires a majority of votes in the nation overall and a majority of votes in a majority of States, that is, a majority in 4 States.

The ABC says the YES vote is 40.2% with 1.6% counted.

The Australian Capital Territory is heading for a YES vote, whilst NSW and Victoria are edging up from the 40% mark.

Overall, there appears little chance of either referendum succeeding.

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