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ALP National Secretary Gary Gray Resigns

The ALP’s National Secretary, Gary Gray, has announced his intention to resign early next year, citing an inability to commit himself to another election campaign.

Gray’s resignation follows an acrimonious period of disputation with the former Secretary of the NSW ALP, John Della Bosca. The two men were at loggerheads during the 1998 Federal election. The NSW branch of the party refused to follow Federal ALP strategy in the campaign and both sides have blamed each other for the ALP’s failure to make substantial gains in NSW.

Gray was due to serve another 2 years in the position. Cross-factional ALP spokespeople today expressed surprise at his departure and claimed his position was not under threat. Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe Gray’s assertions that he wishes to spend more time with his family. More likely is the possibility of a factional purge or deal within the NSW branch.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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