ALP Candidate For Burwood By-Election Distributes Video Throughout Electorate

The ALP candidate for the Burwood by-election in Victoria, Bob Stensholt, distributed a 5-minute videotape to the electorate, as part of his campaign.

Stensholt ran as the ALP candidate at the general election, but was defeated by the Liberal Party leader and Premier, Jeff Kennett, who has held the seat since 1976.

The by-election was caused by Kennett’s resignation from Burwood following his defeat in the election. Burwood is a traditionally Liberal-voting area that falls predominantly within the federal electorate of Kooyong.

Stensholt won the by-election, bolstering the numbers of the new Bracks Labor government, which had taken office with the support of three independents in the Legislative Assembly. Stensholt went on to be re-elected in 2002 and 2006. He was defeated at the 2010 election when the Labor government lost office.

The cover of the VHS videotape is shown below.

  • Watch the video (5m)
  • Listen to the audio track (5m)

Cover of the VHS videotape distributed by ALP candidate Bob Stensholt



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