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One Nation In Crisis

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is in crisis following a week of turmoil. The current problems began with the sacking of Mrs. Heather Hill by One Nation’s Queensland Senator, Len Harris.

Senator Len Harris, One Nation (Qld)Mrs. Hill was originally elected to the Senate at the 1998 federal election, but lost the seat after the High Court ruled that she was ineligible because of her British citizenship.

Harris was appointed to fill the position earlier this year and has since employed Hill on his staff.

The sacking followed Hill’s criticisms of One Nation financial management and her support of 5 One Nation members of the Queensland Parliament who have sought to register a new party name. One Nation had been deregistered as a political party earlier this year.

It is believed that Pauline Hanson will take up the vacant position on Senator Harris’s staff when she returns from overseas.

Meanwhile, the neophyte party is wracked by internal dissension as David Ettridge, Daivd Oldfield and Hanson fight off the reformers.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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