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Archives for March 2000

Howard Government Submission On The Stolen Generations Report

This is the Howard government’s submission to the Senate Legal Constitutional References Committee “Inquiry into the Stolen Generation”.

The submission was presented by Senator John Herron, the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Affairs.

The first document below is the Executive Summary of the submission. The second document is the full submission. Both PDF files can be expanded and downloaded. [Read more…]

Engaging With Paul Keating

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has launched his new book, “Engagement – Australia Faces The Asia-Pacific”.

Paul Keating

In Keating’s words, “this book tells a small part of a long and still-unfinished story: how the people of Australia, this vast continent on the edge of the Asian landmass, are slowly coming to terms with the implications of their place in the world”.

During a speech at the Dallas Brooks Centre in Melbourne, Keating condemned the Howard government’s 1950s “sepia coloured” view of Australia’s foreign relations.

Keating joked about Alexander Downer’s criticism that he was preoccupied with Asia and attacked the coalition government for its approach to relations with our neighbours.

Keating obliquely criticised his predecessor, Bob Hawke, by pointing out that in 1992, shortly after Keating had toppled Hawke as Prime Minister, it was 10 years since the Australian and Indonesian heads of government had met together.


Liberal Party Constitution – Victoria 2000

This is the Constitution of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia.

It was last amended on March 25, 2000.


28th Parliament

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United States Governors – 2000

The table shows a complete list of the Governors of the 50 United States of America.

It also shows the party affiliation of each governor, the date they assumed office and when they next face election. [Read more…]

US Senate Contests – 2000

This table shows the States holding Senate elections in 2000.

There are 33 Senate contests in 2000. The Republicans currently hold 19 of these and the Democrats hold 14. The Senate is currently held by the Republicans by 55-45. [Read more…]

Justices Of The US Supreme Court – 2000

This table shows the composition of the United States Supreme Court, as of 2000.

The table also provides links to biographies of the Justices and to their recent decisions. [Read more…]