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Archives for July 2000

Full List of Delegates to the ALP National Conference

This was supposed to be a full list of delegates to the ALP National Conference in Hobart.

However, I seem to have lost the data… but I’m leaving open the possibility that it might turn up at some point…

2000 ALP National Conference Delegates
Federal Parliamentary Leaders

Kim Beazley Leader of the Opposition
Simon Crean Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Treasurer
Senator John Faulkner Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Government Services
Senator Peter Cook Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Shadow Minister for Trade
State Parliamentary Leaders

Bob Carr New South Wales Premier
Steve Bracks Victorian Premier
Peter Beattie Queensland Premier
Jim Bacon Tasmanian Premier
Geoff Gallop Western Australian Leader of the Opposition
Mike Rann South Australian Leader of the Opposition
Clare Martin Northern Territory Leader of the Opposition
Jon Stanhope Australian Capital Territory Leader of the Opposition
New South Wales

Anthony Albanese MHR Grayndler
Paul Bastian NSW Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Diane Beamer MLA Mulgoa
Katie Brassil Electorate Office for Joel Fitzgibbon MHR
Cherie Burton MLA Kogarah, formerly National Union of Workers
Wendy Caird National Secretary, Community and Public Sector Union, Vice-President ACTU
Doug Cameron National Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
George Campbell Senator
Russ Collison State Secretary, Australian Workers Union
Michael Costa Secretary, Labour Council of NSW
Paul Crittenden MLA Wyong
Janie Crosio MHR Prospect
John Della Bosca NSW Special Minister of State, Assistant Treasurer
Juliana Dickinson Organiser, Port Kembla branch, Australian Workers Union
Greg Donnelly State Secretary, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Union
Jennie George former President ACTU
Kayee Griffin Mayor, Canterbury City Council
Jill Hall MHR Shortland
Steve Hutchins Senator
Tony Kelly MLC
Janice Kershaw Deputy Lord Mayor, Wollongong City Council
Jeff Lawrence National Secretary, Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union
Michael Lee MHR Dobell, Shadow Minister for Education
Kevin Maher Secretary, Newcastle and Northern Rivers branch, Australian Workers Union
John Maitland National Secretary, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
Greg McLean Assistant National Secretary, Australian Services Union
Leo McLeay MHR Watson, Chief Opposition Whip
Jim Metcher State Secretary, Communications, Electrical and PLumbing Union
Belinda Neal former Senator
Damian O’Connor Assistant General Secretary, NSW ALP
Jan Primrose Senior Industrial Resource Officer, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Andrew Refshauge MLA Marrickville, Deputy Premier
Bernie Riordan Secretary, NSW branch, Electrical Trades Union
Christine Robertson member, ALP State Administrative Committee
Eric Roozendaal General Secretary, NSW ALP
Janelle Saffin MLC
Tony Sheldon State Secretary, Transport Workers Union
Ursula Stephens Senior Vice-President, NSW ALP
John Sutton National Secretary (Construction Division), Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
Carmel Tebbutt MLC, Minister for Juvenile Justice
Barry Tubner NSW State Secretary & National President, NSW branch, Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union
Lynda Voltz member NSW ALP Administrative Committee
Sue West Senator
Geoff Williams Newcastle and Northern Branch Secretary, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association
Michael Williamson President, Services Union of Australia
Harry Woods MLA Clarence, Minister for Regional Development, Rural Affairs and Local Government

Jacinta Allan MLA Bendigo East
Graham Bird State Secretary, Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union
John Brumby MLA Broadmeadows, Treasurer
Christine Campbell MLA Pascoe Vale, Minister for Community Services
Kim Carr Senator
Jacinta Collins Senator
Stephen Conroy Senator
Brian Daley Vicotorian Branch Secretary, Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union
Steve Dargavel former MHR Fraser, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Ben Davis Vice-President, Victorian branch, Australian Workers Union
Joseph De Bruyn National Secretary-Treasurer, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association
Charlie Donnelly State Secretary, National Union of Workers
Michael Donovan State Secretary, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association
Jennifer Doran Senior Industrial Officer, ACTU
David Feeney ALP State Secretary (non-voting)
Monica Gould MLC Doutta Galla, Minister for Industrial Relations
Danielle Green State Conference delegate
Alan Griffin MHR Bruce
Tim Holding MLA Springvale
Abbey Howe State Organiser, ALP
Kathy Jackson Branch Secretary, Health Services Union of Australia
Gavin Jennings MLC Melbourne Province, Cabinet Secretary
Martin Kingham State Secretary, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
Jenny Macklin MHR Jagajaga, Shadow Minister for Health and the Status of Women
Gavin Marshall Assistant Secretary, Victorian Branch, Electrical Trades Union (CEPU)
Andrew McKenzie Ministerial Adviser to Gavin Jennings
Jean McLean former MLC
Dean Mighell State Secretary, Electrical Trades Union (CEPU), Victorian Branch
Brendan O’Connor Assistant National Secretary, Australian Services Union
Michelle O’Neil Victorian Secretary, Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union
Fiona Richardson Ministerial Adviser to Marsha Thomson
Bob Sercombe MHR Maribyrnong
Bill Shorten Secretary, Victorian Branch, Australian Workers Union
Howard Smith State Conference delegate
John Speight State President, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Greg Sword Senior Vice-President ACTU, General Secretary, National Union of Workers
Marsha Thomson MLC Melbourne North, Minister for Small Business and Consumer Affairs
Jim Tudehope Victorian Branch Secretary, Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union

South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Young Labor

Rebecca Mifsud Industrial Officer, NSW branch, Electrical Trades Union
Rose Tracey Policy researcher with Meredith Burgmann MLC

Republican Convention Begins In Philadelphia

The United States Republican Party Convention begins today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

George W. Bush, Governor of Texas, with his wife, LauraTexas Governor George W. Bush will be officially nominated by his party to be its candidate in this November’s presidential election.

The Convention will also showcase Bush’s chosen running-mate, former Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney.

The convention is being carefully stage-managed for maximum media effect. General Colin Powell will address the convention on Monday night, Senator John McCain will speak on Tuesday, and Cheney will speak on Wednesday night. [Read more…]

ALP National Conference Begins In Hobart

The Australian Labor Party’s National Conference begins today in Hobart.

BeazleyThe conference is the supreme governing body of the party and consists of nearly 200 delegates from all States and Territories. It includes all the parliamentary leaders of the party around the country.

Full details of the Conference are available from the ALP’s web site.

The conference will write the party’s platform for the election due next year.

The conference comes amid criticism of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s leadership in the wake of the debacle that followed John Della Bosca’s public comments questioning the party’s “rollback” strategy on the GST.

The conference will also elect a new party president to replace Barry Jones. Della Bosca was originally the anointed candidate, but he withdrew following his comments on the GST. It seems likely that right-wing Victorian union leader Greg Sword will win the position. [Read more…]

Howard Says He’ll Consider Retirement After 64th Birthday

Prime Minister John Howard says he will consider retirement after his 64th birthday.

Howard’s statement was made on his 61st birthday today in an interview with Philip Clarke on ABC Radio 2BL. It suggests he intends to contest the election due next year and consider standing aside mid-way through his third term.

Transcript of interview with Prime Minister John Howard by Philip Clarke on ABC Radio 2BL.

CLARKE: Mr Howard, good morning.

HOWARD: Good morning Philip, good to be with you. [Read more…]

Minority Government In South Australia

The South Australian Liberal government of John Olsen lost its majority in the lower house yesterday after one of its backbenchers, the member for Hammond, Peter Lewis, was expelled from the parliamentary party.

OlsenThe Liberal Party now holds only 23 of the 47 seats in the House of Assembly. It will be dependent on the support of the National Party member for Chaffey, Karlene Maywald, or the independent member for Gordon, Rory McEwen. The ALP has 21 seats.

Lewis was expelled after calling for the replacement of John Olsen with his predecessor, Dean Brown. [Read more…]

The Hard Politics Of The GST

After a smooth start to the GST last Saturday, the real politics of the taxation reforms are beginning to take shape.

The political fallout is hard to predict. The ACCC has been inundated with questions and complaints since business opened on Monday, but public acceptance of the GST has been evident at the retail level.

In the coming weeks, employees all around Australia will receive their weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay packets and it is then that the real political contest will take shape as people weigh up their take-home pay gains against the losses of the GST.

Over the ensuing months, electricity, gas, telephone and credit card bills will also show the effect of the GST. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley’s Address to the Nation on the GST

This is the full text of the Address to the Nation on the GST by Opposition Leader Kim Beazley.

The address, telecast on ABC television, was in response to the Prime Minister’s address on June 29.

Transcript of Kim Beazley’s Address to the Nation on the GST.

BeazleyGood evening. Thanks for your time.

I want to talk to you tonight about John Howard’s Goods and Services Tax.

And I want you to know why we in the Labor Party have so strongly opposed this tax.

We know ordinary Australians will be paying out much more in GST than they’ll get back from the tax cuts. [Read more…]

National Party Of Australia – 2000 Platform

This is the official 2000 Platform of the National Party of Australia.

The PDF shown below can be resized and downloaded.


House Of Representatives Activity Statistics – 1983-1999

The tables on this page show detailed statistics for a range of activities in the House of Representatives 1983-1999.

The statistics are taken from Institutions On The Edge?, edited by Michael Keating, John Wanna and Patrick Wheeler, (Allen & Unwin, 2000), p18.

Note: Federal elections were held in 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996 and 1998. This may explain the drop in some figures for those years, such as the number of sitting days.

House of Representatives Statistics 1983-90
Activities 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990
No. Sitting Days 49 52 66 79 74 65 59 38
Bills Initiated in House 151 172 217 178 190 198 180 172
Bills Received from Senate 19 20 17 11 21 12 14 13
Carried over from previous session 7 29 36 58 38 57 92 17
Bills Passed Senate & House 152 175 202 168 184 158 204 141
Bills initiated House & amended in House 18 24 35 31 30 41 42 30
House agrees to Senate request of Amendment to money bills 2 1 1 1 3 17
Declared urgent – ‘guillotine’ 1 2 26 40 1 93 59 78
Private Members Bills intro into House 2 3 1 2 5 7 12
Days on which Matters of Public Importance or Grievance debated 48 48 62 79 73 63 59 43
Questions without Notice 597 491 733 934 898 715 665 453

House of Representatives Statistics 1991-99
Activities 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
No. Sitting Days 67 60 46 68 70 61 76 39 73
Bills Initiated in House 186 240 150 144 144 156 220 111 205
Bills Received from Senate 19 42 34 53 32 17 15 5 19
Carried over from previous session 81 51 21 123 127 41 87 180 303
Bills Passed Senate & House 204 255 138 167 177 83 222 106 201
Bills initiated House & amended in House 31 21 20 39 47 19 48 26 46
House agrees to Senate request of Amendment to money bills 1 5 5 5 9 5 12 7 4
Declared urgent – ‘guillotine’ 101 132 111 14 1 6 12 0 0
Private Members Bills intro into House 9 12 6 3 6 8 10 7 10
Days on which Matters of Public Importance or Grievance debated 66 63 29 65 58 50 71 28 63
Questions without Notice 861 616 429 890 864 1127 1478 730 1370
Bills referred to Main Committee 45 55 52 108 51 47

New Taxation Era As GST Begins

Major taxation changes, including the introduction of a 10% Goods and Services Tax, began today in Australia. Reaction to the changes is likely to determine the fate of the Prime Minister, John Howard, his government and the Opposition over the coming months.

HowardThe Wholesale Sales Tax (WST) system that has operated since the 1930s is now abolished. The differential rates of WST operated as taxes on business production. They have been replaced with a flat 10% tax which covers not only goods, but previously untaxed services. The GST operates at the consumption end of the production chain.

Basic food, education, child-care and health are exempt from the GST. Food was included in the government’s original plan, but exempted following the deal struck with the Australian Democrats last year that ensured the passage of the legislation through the Federal Parliament. [Read more…]