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Bush and Cheney Nominated As Republican Presidential Ticket

Texas Governor George W Bush and his running-mate Richard Cheney were today officially nominated by the 2066 delegates to the Republican Party Convention in Philadelphia as their candidates for the November 7 presidential election.

The convention erupted into wild applause as the 22 votes of the Wyoming delegation pushed Bush and Cheney over the line.

Cheney immediately launched an attack on President Bill Clinton and the presumptive Democratic Party candidate, Vice-President Al Gore. Cheney said: “In this election, they will speak endlessly of risk. We will speak of progress. They will make accusations. We will make proposals. They will feed fear and we will appeal to hope. They will offer more lectures and legalisms and carefully worded denials. We offer another way – a better way – and a stiff dose of truth.”

Bush will address the convention on Thursday evening and officially accept the nomination.

Gore is scheduled to announce the name of his running-mate next Tuesday, ahead of the Democratic Party convention in Los Angeles between August 14-17.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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