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Archives for September 2000

Cathy Freeman Lights Flame At Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

In what will be seen as a bold political and social statement, the Aboriginal athlete, Cathy Freeman, has tonight lit the flame to open the Games of the 27th Olympiad in Sydney, Australia.

Cathy Freeman holds the Olympic torch aloftWatched by the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, whose government has legislated to restrict native title claims, which disputes the existence of a “stolen generation” of Aboriginal children, and which also refuses to make a national apology, Freeman was the last of a succession of Australian female athletes to carry the flame into the Homebush Stadium.

The Olympic flame was carried into the stadium by Herb Elliot and passed to Betty Cuthbert, Raelene Boyle, Dawn Fraser, Shirley Strickland, Shane Gould, Debbie Flintoff-King and then Freeman, in celebration of 100 years of women’s participation in the Games.

Earlier, a lone horseman charged onto the stadium, followed by 120 men and women on horseback. They welcomed the crowd in classic Australian idiom: “G’day”. [Read more…]

Australian Dollar Falls To All-Time Low

The Australian dollar has fallen to an all-time low of 54.93 cents as measured against the American dollar.

This is the lowest point since the floating of the dollar commenced in 1983.

The currency rallied slightly to settle around 55.20 cents early this afternoon.

The currency crisis is now getting serious and will have important political consequences. Despite all the measures taken over the past 15-20 years to globalise the Australian economy, the exchange rate has steadily declined. In 1983, it was in excess of 90 cents. [Read more…]

John Howard’s Address To The World Economic Forum

This is the full text of Prime Minister John Howard’s address to the World Economic Forum in Melbourne.

John Howard Address to the World Economic Forum.


John HowardI am delighted to have been asked to address this forum. A gathering of so many distinguished participants representing governments and business organisations from around the world is a unique opportunity to build shared understanding and to forge important links for the betterment of all nations.

To our overseas guests I extend a special welcome. Let me characterise to you, from my perspective, the key features of the economy of the nation which is so pleased to host this World Economic Forum.

You are welcomed to a country whose economy is performing better than it has for more than three decades.

An economy whose growth is probably more soundly based than at any time in the nation’s history. [Read more…]

Victorian ALP Members’ Handbook – 2000

This is the Victorian ALP Members’ Handbook, as published in September 2000.

The handbook was issued under the name of David Feeney, the then State Secretary of the party. Feeney went on to become a senator at the 2007 federal election and the member for Batman at the 2013 election. [Read more…]

Essendon Wins 16th AFL Flag, Crushes Melbourne By 60 Points

5.30pm – Essendon has won today’s AFL Grand Final, defeating Melboune by 60 points. The final score was Essendon 19-21-135 to Melbourne 11-9-75.

EssendonEssendon has now won 38 of its last 41 matches and equals Carlton’s record of 16 premiership wins. The club has won 4 premierships since 1983.

The easy victory was never in doubt throughout the afternoon, reminiscent of the easy win Labor’s Bob Carr had over the Liberals’ hapless Kerry Chikarovski in NSW last year, or Jeff Kennett’s crushing defeat of Labor’s Joan Kirner in 1992. [Read more…]

The Close Contests In The 2000 US Congressional Elections

This is a list of 65 seats in the House that are the most likely to be tightly contested this year.

The list includes the 59 seats where the winner in the 1998 election drew 55 percent of the vote or less. Most of these seats have changed hands in the last four elections at least once. Some of these incumbents may coast this year, but others undoubtedly will have to fight tooth and nail.

Democrats need a net gain of five seats – six if Vermont independent Bernie Sanders is not re-elected – to gain control of the House. Thirty-eight of these 65 seats are now held by Republicans. Thirty-three states are represented; 11 of the seats are in California. [Read more…]