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John Howard’s Centenary Of Federation Message

This is the text of Prime Minister John Howard’s Centenary of Federation Message.

Prime Minister John Howard’s Centenary of Federation Message.

Prime Minister John HowardAs we start the celebrations marking 100 years of Australian nationhood I am delighted at the many messages of congratulations that have come from around the world.

Recognition of the Australian achievement over the past century has come from some of our closest neighbours along with countries from all regions of the globe.

It is a reflection of the impact Australia makes on the world stage that international leaders, including Presidents and Prime Ministers, have chosen to mark the historic start of our Centenary year by acknowledging Australia’s enduring democracy and our contribution to world affairs.

The messages include greetings from the Pope and from the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Kofi Annan.

A number of the messages pay special tribute to the success of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, echoing the congratulations that I have received personally from a number of international leaders since the games.

Reference to the close and varied links we have forged with many nations through war and peace are also prominent in the messages.

They represent a reaffirmation of the goodwill, respect and support that Australia enjoys from its many friends around the world.

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