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Archives for February 2001

Beazley ALP Shadow Ministry 2001

This is the full list of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s shadow ministry. [Read more…]

Democrats’ Leader Meg Lees Faces Challenge

Senator Meg Lees, leader of the Australian Democrats, the party that holds the balance of power in the Senate, is to face a challenge from her deputy, Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja.

LeesThe party’s National Executive is likely to call for a ballot, either at its scheduled May meeting, or at a specially convened earlier meeting.

It is possible Senator Lees may opt to vacate the leadership in order to allow an immediate resolution of the conflict that has been bubbling beneath the surface of the party for some time now.

Lees has come under criticism for the deal she struck with the Howard government over the GST and a general perception that the party is too close to the government. [Read more…]

Don Bradman Dies, 92

Sir Donald Bradman, the great Australian Test cricketer, has died at his Adelaide home. He was 92.

Once lauded by Prime Minister John Howard as the greatest Australian of the twentieth century, Bradman’s death will see an outpouring of sympathy and sporting memories rarely witnessed. [Read more…]

Howard Under Pressure As Polls Show Slipping Support

Prime Minister John Howard has conceded that his government has experienced the worst weeks of its 5 years in office.

Sunday TelegraphSunday MailIn the wake of the massive coalition defeats in the Western Australian and Queensland elections over the past two weeks, the media is today full of a spate of new opinion polls which show that Howard and his deputy, John Anderson, are both in danger of losing their seats.

A poll published in the Sunday Telegraph shows support for Anderson in his NSW rural seat of Gwydir at 29%, down from the 46.1% the National Party leader polled in 1998.

The poll has the ALP on 33% (up 7%) and One Nation on 27% (up 6%). The poll suggests that the ALP would win the seat on preferences. Anderson won the seat on preferences in 1998, securing 63.58% of the two-party-preferred vote. The ALP last held Gwydir between 1937-49.

Anderson faces a strong threat from One Nation, but may also be opposed by the independent State MP, Tony Windsor. Anderson has committed himself to placing One Nation last on his how-to-vote cards, a move that is certain to invite retaliation from the Hanson forces.

There is no doubt that Anderson is in grave danger, as are other National Party members, including Arts Minister, Peter McGauran, in the Victorian electorate of Gippsland, and Larry Anthony, the Minister for Family Services, in the NSW electorate of Richmond. [Read more…]

About The Australian Medical Association

The Australian Medical Association is one of Australia’s peak lobby groups.

It is a prominent and active pressure group with direct links to State and Federal governents through its relationship with the various Health Departments. The information on this page is taken from the AMA’s web-site.

The Organisation, Goals and Objectives

Dr. Kerryn Phelps, President AMAThe Australian Medical Association is an independent organisation which represents more than 26,000 doctors, whether salaried or in private practice, whether general practitioners, specialists, teachers and researchers or young doctors.

It also represents the public face of Australian medicine. It is the vehicle through which doctors fulfil their obligations to the community as advocates for those with neither power nor influence. The AMA is an agent of change, a voice of reason and an independent leader of societal values.

The AMA has a federal structure, with branches in each state and territory which focus primarily on state matters, and a Canberra-based federal body which deals with national issues. [Read more…]

Historic Labor Landslide In Queensland Election; Coalition Decimated; One Nation Wreaks Havoc On The Right

Queensland’s Labor Premier, Peter Beattie, has routed the coalition parties in an historic election landslide in which the ALP is likely to win around 65 seats in the 89-seat Parliament.

BeattieThe election has reduced the Opposition parties to rumps. The Liberal Party is only assured of two seats and the National Party ten.

One Nation is likely to win two seats and four others have been won by independents.

Opposition Leader, Rob Borbidge, has conceded defeat in his Surfers Paradise electorate, losing to a 19-year-old Labor candidate. Liberal Leader, David Watson, is struggling to hold his seat. [Read more…]

2001 Queensland Election

The Queensland State Election, held on February 17, 2001, resulted in a landslide win to the incumbent Labor government led by Premier Peter Beattie. The ALP won 66 seats in the 89-seat Legislative Assembly.

Peter Beattie Sticker - 2001 State Election Campaign

After the provision of a Speaker, the government will have a majority of 42 on the floor of the Parliament.

The election has reduced the National Party to 12 seats and decimated the Liberal Party to a mere 3 seats. [Read more…]

Queensland ALP How-To-Vote Cards: 2001 State Election

This is the complete list of how-to-cards issued by the ALP in the 2001 Queensland state election.

Queensland’s optional preferential voting system allowed the party to adopt a “just vote 1” strategy for the election. No subsequent preference recommendations are shown on the leaflet.

Premier Peter Beattie was seeking a second term in office, after having governed in a minority following the 1998 election. The 1998 election also saw Pauline Hanson’s One Nation win 11 seats and 22.58% of the statewide primary vote. [Read more…]

Greens Win Balance Of Power In Western Australian Upper House

The Greens have won the balance of power in the Western Australian Legislative Council, denying a vital avenue of power to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

The result is a bonus to the new Premier, Geoff Gallop, following his landslide win in the Legislative Assembly.

The outcome is also indicative of the extent to which the ALP’s win in the election is the product of a strong preference flow from the Greens and, to a lesser extent, the Australian Democrats.

One Nation Policies – 2001 Queensland State Election

This is the policy document issued by One Nation for the 2001 Queensland state election. [Read more…]