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Queensland ALP How-To-Vote Cards: 2001 State Election

This is the complete list of how-to-cards issued by the ALP in the 2001 Queensland state election.

Queensland’s optional preferential voting system allowed the party to adopt a “just vote 1” strategy for the election. No subsequent preference recommendations are shown on the leaflet.

Premier Peter Beattie was seeking a second term in office, after having governed in a minority following the 1998 election. The 1998 election also saw Pauline Hanson’s One Nation win 11 seats and 22.58% of the statewide primary vote.

Beattie won the 2001 election with a large swing to the ALP. The party won 48.93% of the primary vote (up 10.07%) and picked up 22 seats, taking its total in the 89-member Legislative Assembly to 66, one of the largest majorities ever. The Liberal and National Party opposition won just 15 seats, whilst One Nation won three.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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