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People Power: New Political Party Formed

A new political party called People Power is in the process of being formed.

The organisation is the work of Stephen Mayne, a former Liberal Party staffer who worked for Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett. Mayne split with the Liberals and ran a guerilla campaign against Kennett during the 1999 Victorian state election. Mayne operated a web-site called “” during that campaign.

Since then, Mayne has operated a web-site called Crikey which publishes political commentary, gossip and business information and analysis.

People Power says it “aims to reinvigorate our parliaments, our boardrooms, our shire halls, and our communities. We want to encourage more people to contest elections in all spheres of life to keep politicians, business leaders and community representatives on their toes and in check.”

The group says it wants “to empower ordinary people in their roles as citizens, consumers, taxpayers and shareholders. We want to curtail the power of elites, media moguls and vested interest pressure groups.”

The group says that it “will be the only political party in Australia that participates in elections in trade unions, football clubs, mutuals and public companies, as well as elections for local, state and federal governments.”

The party’s prospectus appears below.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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