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Archives for June 2001

Beazley: The US-Australian Alliance In An East Asian Context

BeazleyThis is the text of a speech given by Kim Beazley, Leader of the Opposition, to a conference on the U.S.-Australian alliance at the University of Sydney.

Beazley provides historical context to Australian’s treaty with the United States and discusses Labor’s approach to its future.

Speech by Kim Beazley, Leader of the Opposition.

Last August I had the privilege of addressing another gathering here on the topic of Australia’s defence policy. I said then that Australia’s national security system is founded on three interlocking strategies:

  • A defence strategy of self-reliance;
  • An alliance with the United States which does not require unrealistic levels of military commitment to our direct defence by the US; and
  • A regional strategy of engagement with Asia as a means of ensuring our security with our regional neighbours.

That speech in August last year focussed on the first of this trilogy of interlocking strategies – defence policy. Since then, the Government has issued a Defence White Paper which, in essence, stands in the tradition of defence self-reliance forged in the mid-1980s. Today I propose to deal in more detail with the second element of the trilogy – the Australia-US security relationship. Later this year I hope I will have the opportunity of making a third speech to discuss our need to pursue regional engagement as our core foreign policy imperative. [Read more…]

American Ambassador Comments On The ANZUS Alliance

This is the text of remarks by Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm, Jr. for the conference “The U.S.-Australian Alliance in an East Asian Context” at the University of Sydney.

Remarks by US Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm.

GnehmProfessor Albinski, Minister Reith, Opposition Leader Beazley, distinguished guests, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to say a few words today on a subject that you might imagine is dear to my heart, the Australian-American alliance. For the past year it has been my privilege to participate on a daily basis in the workings of ANZUS. This has been one of the most rewarding tasks in my career in the Foreign Service. I have therefore listened with great interest to the observations on the alliance which U.S., Australian, and regional experts have offered these past two days. They have given us much food for thought. [Read more…]

The U.S.-Australian Alliance in an East Asian Context: Speech By Peter Reith

This is the text of an address by Peter Reith, Minister for Defence, to the ANZUS Conference at the University of Sydney.

Speech by Defence Minister Peter Reith to ANZUS conference.

ReithIt is a great pleasure to ‘bounce the ball’ for the second half of this conference – although something of an invidious task: to reconvene our discussions first-up after last night’s dinner.

Our theme, I needn’t remind you, is the alliance between our two nations in its regional context. However, it is not a question of putting our alliance into this regional context; it is a matter of appreciating the extent to which our alliance is part of that context. [Read more…]

U.S. State Department Perspective On The Australian Alliance

This is the text of remarks made by Richard N. Haass, Director of Policy Planning, U.S. Department of State.

The remarks were delivered at the conference “The U.S.-Australian Alliance in an East Asian Context” at the University of Sydney.

It is a pleasure to be here today, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, to celebrate 50 years of a strong and enduring partnership between the United States and Australia. It is equally a pleasure to escape the stifling heat of a Washington summer, but I can assure you that my motives are mostly pure. Although the treaty itself is only 50-years-old (the same age as I will be in a month’s time and therefore to be considered still young and vibrant) the roots of the Alliance actually go back to the first World War when Australian troops led by Lt. General John Monash were joined by the U.S. 33rd National Guard Division at the battle of Le Hamel in France in the summer of 1918. Le Hamel was a successful engagement — a smashing success to be more precise — and a good omen for the future of the relationship. [Read more…]

Paying Attention To The Rules Of The Election Game: John Warhurst

This is an article on electoral laws, electoral reform and electoral donations by John Warhurst, an academic at the Australian National University.

The article was published in the Canberra Times on June 29, 2001. Copyright is held by the newspaper and the author.

Text of article in the Canberra Times by John Warhurst.

Paying Attention To The Rules Of The Election Game

Democracy relies on effective and fair elections, and the rules governing elections are enshrined in electoral law.

The hardest thing to excite most students of politics about is electoral law. [Read more…]

John Howard: The Australian Public Service

This is a transcript of the speech given by the Prime Minister, John Howard, to the Centenary Conference of the Institute of Public Administration.

Prime Minister John HowardI am pleased to be here today to present the ‘Centenary of the APS Oration’.

I share with you the hope that today’s conference and the other events being held this week will publicise the significant role the Australian Public Service has played in building the strong and vibrant nation that both public servants and politicians have the honour to serve.

It has been a remarkable century of achievement, well documented during the Federation celebrations of recent months. But today is an occasion to recognise that behind all the successes, in peace and in war, have been generations of dedicated Australian men and women working for the common good as public servants.

Whilst we must always be careful not to mythicise the past and those who lived within it, clearly the efforts and the vision of many of your predecessors made a profound and lasting difference to the character of our society. [Read more…]

Ari Sharp, 18, Chosen As Democrats Candidate In Kooyong

The Australian Democrats have preselected an 18-year-old commerce student as their candidate for Kooyong for the forthcoming Federal election.

SharpThe Democrats candidate, Ari Sharp from Hawthorn East, will be the youngest person ever elected to Federal Parliament if he wins the support of the electorate.

Democrats’ Senator for Victoria, Lyn Allison, said, “Ari Sharp represents a new wave of political thinking that is fresh and enthusiastic. [Read more…]

Tasmania – State Of The Parties 1996-2001

This table shows the state of the parties in the Tasmanian House of Assembly following the 1996 and 1998 state elections.

It also shows the composition of the Legislative Council following the election of 2001. [Read more…]