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Archives for August 2001

John Howard’s Border Protection Bill

This is the text of the Howard government’s Border Protection Bill.

The bill was proposed in the aftermath of the arrival of the MV Tampa. [Read more…]

Howard Launches DFAT Book Of Documents On Australian Foreign Policy

This is the text of an address by the Prime Minister, John Howard, at the launch of a publication by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Documents on Australian Foreign Policy.

Text of Prime Minister John Howard speech at launch of DFAT book.

HowardThank you very much Doctor Calvert, Foreign Minister, other Parliamentary colleagues, your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. And I would like to particularly acknowledge the presence of Mr Ralph Harry as well, a very distinguished former Australian diplomat who played a major role in the then department in drafting this very important treaty.

This is an occasion that is rich with a lot of symbolism as well as being in it’s own right a very important event. I want to congratulate the department on once again producing an excellent volume that is an important part of the historical record of a very important event. This is not the first of those publications and I hope it won’t be the last. I think it’s very important to a longer term understanding of our history and particularly the evolution of Australia’s foreign policy over the last half century that publications of this type take place. [Read more…]

Northern Territory Labor Ministry Named

This is the ministerial team announced by the new ALP Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Clare Martin.


  1. Clare Martin – Chief minister, treasurer, minister for arts and museums, young Territorians, women’s policy, senior Territorians, communications, science and advanced technology.
  2. Syd Stirling – Deputy chief minister, leader of government business, minister for education, employment and training, police, fire and emergency services, parks and wildlife, Aboriginal affairs, tourism.
  3. Peter Toyne – Attorney-general, minister for central Australia, primary industry and fisheries, sport and recreation, corporate and information services, regional development.
  4. Paul Henderson – Minister for industries and business, resources development, Asian relations and trade, Territory insurance, AustralAsia Railway, racing, gaming and licensing.
  5. John Ah Kit – Minister for transport and infrastructure development, Territory ports, correctional services and essential services.
  6. Jane Aagaard – Minister for health, family and community services, assisting the chief minister on women’s policy.
  7. Kon Vatskalis – Minister for lands, planning and environment, housing, local government and ethnic affairs.

Labor Edging Close To Government In Northern Territory; CLP Loses 7 Seats In Large Swing; Hung Parliament Still Possible

10.30pm – Clare Martin is on the verge of becoming the first Labor Party Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, following today’s election.

Clare Martin, Territory Labor LeaderThe ALP has a certain 12 seats, one short of an outright majority, with the final outcome hinging on the distribution of preferences in the seat of Millner.

The ALP has won 5 seats from the Country Liberal Party: Karama, Casuarina, Sanderson, Johnston and Nightcliff.

In addition to the 5 seats won by Labor, the CLP has also lost 2 seats to independents. The Alice Springs electorate of Braitling has been retained by the sitting member, Loraine Braham, who was disendorsed by the CLP. In Nelson, a Darwin electorate, the independent candidate, Gerry Wood, will win on Labor preferences.

The CLP primary vote has fallen 9% to 45.6%, whereas the Labor primary vote has risen 2.1% to 40.6%. One Nation has polled 1.3% and other candidates have polled 12.5%. [Read more…]

Costello’s Future Directions

The Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, has sparked an intriguing debate with a speech in Melbourne this week in which he called for a return to the “spirit of the volunteer”.

Peter Costello, Federal TreasurerDelivering the inaugural Sir Henry Bolte lecture in tribute to the former Liberal Premier of Victoria between 1955-72, Costello outlined traditional elements of Liberal Party thinking, derided faith in the capacity of government to “solve any kind of problem”, and called for people to undertake more voluntary work in the community.

Costello spoke of the globalised Australian economy and economic progress since the middle of the last century: “Our living standards are higher than they have ever been, our standard of housing, our cars, our domestic appliances, our health services are better than they have been in previous decades, and our economic abundance has increased.” [Read more…]

The Spirit Of The Volunteer: Speech By Peter Costello

This is the full text of the Inaugural Sir Henry Bolte Lecture given by the Treasurer, Peter Costello, on August 15, 2001, at the Caulfield Racecourse.>

Text of Henry Bolte Lecture by Treasurer Peter Costello.

Peter Costello, Federal TreasurerMr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a singular privilege to be invited to deliver the first Sir Henry Bolte Lecture in honour of the greatest and most successful Premier in Victorian political history: six election victories and an unbroken run as Premier of this State exceeding 17 years. With a record like that, it is fitting to hold an annual lecture to perpetuate the memory and extraordinary deeds of a great Victorian and a great Australian. I congratulate those involved in the formation of the Bolte Lecture Trust and we are honoured to have present with us tonight members of the Bolte family. [Read more…]

Is The Ground Shifting?

With the Federal election now only months away, speculation about the likely result is taking on a distinctly different tone from that which has prevailed for much of the year.

In the words of Laurie Oakes in the latest edition of The Bulletin, “you can feel the ground moving. Things are looking better for John Howard, shakier for Kim Beazley.”

The year began with opinion polls showing the coalition struggling federally and in all States. Since 1998, the ALP has won government in Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. It has been overwhelmingly re-elected in New South Wales and Queensland. [Read more…]