The Sharp End: A Candidate’s Story

In a regular series during the election, Ari Sharp, the Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, provides a candidate’s perspective on the election. Ari is 18 years old and contesting one of the “jewels in the crown” of the Victorian Liberal Party.

SharpSince 1922, Kooyong has had only four members, three of whom (Latham, Menzies & Peacock) have been leaders of the conservative side of politics. The incumbent, Petro Georgiou, has held the seat since 1994. His political career has stalled since he rejected an appointment as a Parliamentary Secretary under John Howard.

The Australian Democrats polled 8.11% of the primary vote at the 1998 election. The Liberal Party garnered 54.83% of the primary vote. After the distribution of preferences, this vote increased to 61.39%.

Weekly Reports by Ari Sharp

On Tuesday October 30, Ari took part in a mock election conducted at Canterbury Girls Secondary College. Priscilla Ruffolo (Liberal Party), Kieran Boland (ALP), Peter Campbell (Greens), and Robyn Spencer (One Nation) also took part. Click here to listen to Jon Faine’s 3LO interview with the organisers. The result of the student election was an overwhelming victory for the Democrats. Click here to listen to Jon Faine’s follow-up interview on the results.


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