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Archives for October 2001

Kim Beazley’s 2001 Federal Election Policy Speech

The Leader of the Opposition, Kim Beazley, delivered his 2001 Federal Election policy speech at the Hurstville Entertainment Centre in Sydney on October 31.

“I want the job,” Beazley told his audience, claiming that he was committed, qualified and “here for the long haul”.

  • Listen to Beazley’s speech (37m)
  • Watch Beazley:

Text of Kim Beazley’s 2001 election policy speech.

Men and women of Australia:

Today I offer myself as Prime Minister of this great country.

I want the job — I’m committed, I’m qualified, and I’m here for the long haul.

I have a plan to deliver a fair share, and a secure future, for all Australians.

I stand for the best possible education for all, not just the rich.

I stand for a health system where your Medicare Card is more important than your credit card.

I will put the care back into aged care.

I stand for making the GST simpler and fairer, for relieving the burden on small business, and on families. [Read more…]

John Howard’s 2001 Election Policy Speech

Prime Minister John Howard delivered his policy speech for the 2001 federal election on October 28.

First elected in 1996, and re-elected in 1998, Howard was seeking a third term.

The speech is most remembered for Howard’s declaration: “But we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.” This is around the 14.30 point on the video.

This is the video and audio of the official Liberal Party television broadcast of the speech. The full text appears below. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: The Party Faithful

Ari Sharp, Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, reports from the campaign frontline.

It’s always interesting to see the bridges that are made and the bridges that are burnt during an election. [Read more…]

Howard Launches Government Campaign With A Billion Dollars Of Promises

  • First Child Tax Refund For Families
  • More Money For Aged Care
  • Law Enforcement Summit
  • Anti-Drugs Initiative

Prime Minister John Howard12.30pm – The Prime Minister, John Howard, has delivered the coalition’s policy speech in Sydney. In a speech that concentrated on domestic issues, the Liberal Party leader promised around $1 billion of new spending if his government is re-elected on November 10.

The centre-piece of the policy speech is the proposed First Child Tax Refund. This would cost around $400 million over 4 years and would provide assistance to families following the birth of their first child. The scheme is akin to income equalisation that currently applies to farmers and artists.

Other measures included more money for aged care, a law enforcement summit with the States and an anti-drugs initiative.

Howard made no mention of whether he will serve a full three years if he wins, although he made it clear that he believes his experience and commitment suits him for what he repeatedly described as “difficult times”. [Read more…]

John Howard: We Are Allied With A Just Cause

Prime Minister John HowardThe Prime Minister, John Howard, has given a speech in which he sets out the so-called “intellectual argument” in favour of Australia’s involvement in the United States-led attacks on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Speaking in Melbourne tonight, at the mid-way point in the election campaign, Howard said: “The cause with which we are allied is just. It is no simple act of revenge. It is no knee-jerk response to combat terror with terror in return. It fits completely within the measured guidelines advocated by the UN, that all nations should do their utmost to banish terrorism from the face of the earth, and that ‘the force we use to fight it should always be proportional and focused’.”

In making the speech, Howard has again injected a defence and security component into the election campaign. The speech comes at a time when opinion polls show the government’s campaign on “leadership” faltering in the face of the ALP’s emphasis on domestic issues such as health, education and the GST.

The speech reiterates points Howard has already made in recent weeks. He lays the blame for the terrorist attacks on Bin Laden and the Taliban government of Afghanistan: “No one now doubts that the Al Qaida network, led by Usama bin Laden, was responsible for the attacks and that the Taliban has allowed Afghanistan to become a safe haven for international terrorism. Bin Laden’s hatred for the United States, and for a world system built on individual freedom, religious tolerance, democracy, and the international free flow of commerce, is non-negotiable.” [Read more…]

Liberals Attack Beazley Over Knowledge Nation

The Liberal Party has launched a new television commercial attacking Kim Beazley’s Knowledge Nation policy.

The commercial appears against the backdrop of the flow chart diagram designed by the ALP’s former President, Barry Jones. The government has ridiculed the diagram as akin to a “spaghetti” policy. The Treasurer, Peter Costello, regularly refers to the “noodle nation”.

Noodle Nation

The voice-over accompanying the commercial claims the policy hasn’t been costed and suggests that the ALP isn’t interested in basic questions such as literacy testing of students and apprenticeship places. [Read more…]

National Party: John Anderson’s 2001 Federal Election Policy Speech

This is the National Party’s policy speech for the 2001 Federal Election.

It was delivered by the party’s leader and Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, in Tweed Heads. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: Nominations, Lotto And Preferences

Ari Sharp, Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, reports from the campaign frontline.

SharpModern democracy contains a collection of quaint, but highly important, rituals.

One of the more unusual of these took place last Friday, at the Declaration of Nominations.

At 12 noon across the country, middle aged men and women across the country had their 15 minutes of fame in the draw to determine the order of the ballot paper in each House of Reps seat, and in the Senate.

In Kooyong, the draw took place in a small suburban office in Camberwell, coincidentally in the same office block as the local member. Three of the four candidates (and a few campaign hangers-on) squeezed into the office, as the Divisional Returning Officer took over his duties as the MC. [Read more…]

Beazley Pledges GST Rollback

The Federal Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley, has unveiled the ALP’s GST “rollback” plans, pledging to remove the 10% tax from electricity and gas from 2003.

The GST would also be taken off caravan park residents, women’s sanitary products, funerals, nappies and textbooks. The ALP has also promised to remove the impact of the tax from the emergency relief services of charities.

Beazley says the rollback will cost $2.2 billion over 4 years, but would not put the budget into deficit. [Read more…]

Australian Troops Deployed To Afghanistan

This is the text of the statement released by the Prime Minister, John Howard, announcing the deployment of Australian troops to the ground war in Afghanistan.

Force Deployment

The Governments of Australia and the United States have consulted further about our commitment to support the international coalition against terrorism. Last night President Bush and I discussed these matters. After that discussion the Minister for Defence, Mr Reith, the Chief of the Defence Force, Admiral Barrie, and the US Ambassador, Mr Thomas Schieffer, held further discussions on the details of Australia’s military contribution. Mr Reith and Admiral Barrie have briefed me this morning. [Read more…]