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Liberals Attack Beazley Over Knowledge Nation

The Liberal Party has launched a new television commercial attacking Kim Beazley’s Knowledge Nation policy.

The commercial appears against the backdrop of the flow chart diagram designed by the ALP’s former President, Barry Jones. The government has ridiculed the diagram as akin to a “spaghetti” policy. The Treasurer, Peter Costello, regularly refers to the “noodle nation”.

Noodle Nation

The voice-over accompanying the commercial claims the policy hasn’t been costed and suggests that the ALP isn’t interested in basic questions such as literacy testing of students and apprenticeship places.

With the election campaign reaching a crucial stage this week, the advertising campaigns of all the parties have notched up considerably.

The Australian Democrats are running a television advertisement which likens the ALP and Coalition parties to squabbling children. The ALP has been running brief advertisements on Foxtel cable television and the Liberal Party has diverged onto domestic issues.

  • Listen to the Liberal Party commercial
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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