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Archives for October 2001

Australian Troops To Be Sent To Afghanistan

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced the commitment of 1550 Australian ground troops to the war against Afghanistan.

ArmyThe commitment will consist of two P3 marine aircraft, Special forces troops, two B707 tanker aircraft, the guided missile frigate, HMAS Sydney, a naval task force on board an amphibious command ship with a frigate as escort, and four F/A-18 aircraft with one frigate as escort.

In a press conference at 10am this morning in Melbourne, Howard said: “I would expect this to be the probable limit to what we would contribute, but I can’t rule out whether we will be asked to give more. I don’t expect the Americans will make those requests of us.” [Read more…]

2001 Federal Election: AEC Information Booklets

These are the Australian Electoral Commission information booklets issued in New South Wales and Victoria for the 2001 Federal Election. [Read more…]

2001 Federal Election: John Howard And Kim Beazley Leaders’ Debate

This is the transcript of the nationally televised Leaders’ Debate in the 2001 Federal Election.

Liberal Prime Minister John Howard was seeking his third term, having been elected in 1996 and re-elected in 1998.

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley was contesting his second election as Labor Party leader.

The debate was moderated by Channel 9’s Ray Martin. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: Targeting The Voters

Ari Sharp, Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, reports from the campaign frontline.

SharpPeople treat you very differently when they realise you are a political candidate.

All of a sudden, you go from being “that guy in the tute group”, or “that bloke on the train” to being someone who needs to be beyond reproach, as an oracle of knowledge on all things political.

This is what we expect of our potential representatives – the ability to clearly and articulately explain what they stand for, to live a lifestyle consistent with those ideas, and to have a good grasp of the full cacophony of issues that are relevant during an election campaign. [Read more…]

Who’ll Be Lucky? – The Economist Editorial

The Economist has called for a change of government, in an editorial published today.

Editorial from The Economist, October 11, 2011.

Who’ll Be Lucky?

Australia votes on November 10th. It’s time for a change


The lucky prime minister? Until recently, the opinion polls had suggested that John Howard, the leader of the Liberal-National coalition that has governed Australia since 1996, would be sent packing by the voters this year. Suddenly, when Mr Howard started to push back asylum-seekers like a sea captain repelling boarders, the polls began to turn. And now, amid the dark uncertainties of a war against terrorism, he can argue that this is no time to switch governments. The voters seem inclined to agree. Are they wise? [Read more…]

2001 Federal Election Pendulum

The election pendulum ranks the 150 electorates in the House of Representatives won by each party on a two-party-preferred basis.

The pendulum is based on the 1998 election results in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. In New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, redistributions have taken place, so the margins have been derived from the new boundaries.

Two additional seats have been created for this election. In Western Australia, the new electorate of Hasluck is notionally ALP. The Northern Territory electorate has been divided in two, notionally creating one ALP seat (Lingiari) and one CLP seat (Solomon). [Read more…]

Postal Vote Mailout – David Kemp – 2001 Federal Election

This is a postal vote leaflet letterboxed in the federal electorate of Goldstein by the sitting Liberal member, David Kemp, during the 2001 election.

Kemp, first elected in 1990, was elected to his fifth and final term at the election. [Read more…]

Ari Sharp – Kooyong Democrats Leaflet – 2001

This is an election distributed by Ari Sharp in the federal electorate of Kooyong during the 2001 election.

Sharp was the Australian Democrats candidate in the election. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: The Work Of The Local Candidate

Ari Sharp, Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, reports from the campaign frontline.

SharpIt is often difficult to work out just what the role of a local candidate is in a Federal election.

In recent times, Australian politics has become overwhelmingly presidential in the way campaigns are fought and the way that the media covers a campaign.

A presidential campaign is one in which the leaders of the major parties are the central figures, and the election is considered a battle of competing personalities rather than parties or ideologies. Parties invest large amounts in developing profile and recognition of their leaders, and this is put to the test come election time. [Read more…]

David Kemp Leaflet – 2001 Federal Election

This electon leaflet from David Kemp, the Liberal member for Goldstein, was letterboxed on or around October 5, 2001, at the start of the federal election campaign.

Kemp became the member for Goldstein in 1990. He was re-elected in 2001 to his fifth term. He retired at the 2004 election. [Read more…]