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Election Funding Payments: 2001 Federal Election

This table shows the election funding payments made to political parties and candidates following the 2001 federal election.

A candidate or Senate group needs four per cent of the primary vote to be eligible for election funding. The amount is calculated by multiplying the number of votes obtained by the current funding rate.

The funding rate for the 2001 election was 179.026 cents per House of Representatives and Senate vote.

A total of nearly $35.7 million was distributed to parties and candidates.

Election Funding Payments – 2001 Federal Election
Australian Labor Party 14,033,667.94
Liberal Party of Australia 13,641,314.61
National Party of Australia 2,666,750.41
Australian Democrats 2,152,121.85
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation 1,471,549.23
Australian Greens + The Greens WA -Inc 1,165,021.90
Northern Territory Country Liberal Party 127,567.93
Unity – Say NO To Hanson 16,805.08
Liberals for Forests 13,616.18
Christian Democratic Party NSW (Fred Nile Group) 7,265.59
Progressive Labour Party NSW 6,961.16
No Goods and Services Tax Party 5,214.49
Tony Windsor (New England, NSW) 61,213.29
Bob Katter (Kennedy, Qld) 60,470.06
Peter Andren (Calare, NSW) 59,366.67
Peter MacDonald (Warringah, NSW) 36,549.05
Andrew Theophanous (Calwell, Vic) 14,272.67
Shane Peter Stanley Paulger (Fairfax, Qld) 12,787.92
Peter Melville (Hinkler, Qld) 12,155.24
Conway Bown (Herbert, Qld) 11,008.94
Peter Cochran (Eden-Monaro, NSW) 10,946.01
Ros Hourigan (Fisher, Qld) 10,207.88
Tom Cooper (Page, NSW) 9,323.50
Nelson McIntosh (Indi, Vic) 8,986.75
Colin Kessels (Dickson, Qld) 8,848.99
Kristin Stegley (Goldstein, Vic) 8,175.49
Bruce Haigh (Gwydir, NSW) 7,886.36
Doug Treasure (Gippsland, Vic) 7,226.47
Trevor Mott (Cunningham, NSW) 7,202.66
Ross Douglass (Mallee, Vic) 6,299.57
Graeme Wicks (Wide Bay, Qld) 5,748.52
David Dalgleish (Wide Bay, Qld) 5,428.78
Maisie Austin (Solomon, NT) 4,044.38
GRAND TOTAL 35,686,005.57

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