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Howard Government 2001 Cabinet Committees

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced the composition of Cabinet Committees for his third term government.

Text of media release by Prime Minister John Howard.

Cabinet Committees play an important role in the effectiveness of the Cabinet system, and this role will be enhanced in the Government’s third term by the creation of new committees for Policy and Priorities and for Sustainable Environment.

These new committees will join those covering National Security, Employment and Infrastructure, Expenditure Review and Parliamentary Business.

The Policy and Priorities Committee will assist Cabinet to provide strong strategic direction to the Government’s overall policy development process to ensure there continues to be a strong forward agenda that reflects our values and the long term needs of Australia

The Sustainable Environment Committee’s creation meets an election promise and reflects my commitment to make the area covered by the Committee one of our most important whole of government priorities. Matters that will be considered by the Committee include greenhouse policy, the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality, land clearing, bio-diversity and oceans policy.

This is the new Cabinet committee membership list:


  1. Prime Minister
  2. Mr Anderson
  3. Mr Costello
  4. Mr Vaile
  5. Senator Hill
  6. Senator Alston
  7. Mr Downer
  8. Mr Abbott
  9. Mr Ruddock
  10. Dr Kemp
  11. Mr Williams
  12. Senator Minchin
  13. Mr Truss
  14. Senator Vanstone
  15. Dr Nelson
  16. Senator Patterson
  17. Mr Macfarlane



  1. Prime Minister (Chairman)
  2. Mr Anderson
  3. Mr Costello
  4. Senator Hill
  5. Mr Downer
  6. Mr Ruddock
  7. Mr Williams


  1. Prime Minister (Chairman)
  2. Mr Costello (D)
  3. Mr Vaile
  4. Dr Kemp
  5. Senator Minchin
  6. Senator Coonan


  1. Senator Hill (Chairman)
  2. Senator Alston
  3. Mr Abbott (D)
  4. Mr Williams
  5. Mr McGauran
  6. Senator Campbell
  7. Senator Heffernan


  1. Prime Minister (Chairman)
  2. Mr Anderson (D)
  3. Mr Costello
  4. Mr Vaile
  5. Mr Abbott
  6. Senator Minchin
  7. Mr Macfarlane


  1. Prime Minister (Chairman)
  2. Mr Anderson
  3. Mr Costello
  4. Senator Hill
  5. Mr Abbott
  6. Dr Nelson


  1. Prime Minister (Chairman)
  2. Mr Anderson
  3. Dr Kemp
  4. Mr Truss
  5. Dr Nelson
  6. Mr Macfarlane
  7. Senator Macdonald

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