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Beattie Taskforce Meets Over Insurance Crisis

This is the text of a statement from the Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, released today.

Peter Beattie, Premier of QueenslandA task force addressing spiralling insurance premiums will consider the options of a voluntary insurance pool or group insurance policy, Premier and Acting Treasurer Peter Beattie said today.

Mr Beattie will today attend the start of the first Public Liability Insurance Task Force meeting, which will work to relieve the insurance difficulties of community groups, events organisers and sporting associations.

He said the group would consider strategies such as an insurance pool or group policy for non-government organisations, and a national approach to the insurance crisis.

“Sky-rocketing premiums fuelled by the HIH collapse and the September 11 terrorist attacks have pushed many voluntary groups, events organisers, small businesses and sporting associations to the wall,” Mr Beattie said.

“The Government has already agreed to underwrite the insurance costs of the State’s 1300 Parents and Citizens associations, and now we are considering what can be done to assist other groups.

Mr Beattie said the task force’s terms of reference include to:

  • Examine the viability of establishing a voluntary insurance pool or group insurance policy for not-for-profit community organisations
  • Liaise with other States and Territories and the Commonwealth on the possibility of a national approach
  • Work with the insurance industry and the legal profession to develop training packages for insurers, small businesses, events organisers and sporting associations on appropriate types of cover and risk management practices
  • Consider the issues surrounding limitation of common law damages and factors affecting common law injury costs

Insurance industry representatives will address today’s meeting.

Mr Beattie and Treasurer Terry Mackenroth have asked the task force to report to them by the end of February.

“We have written to the Opposition inviting them make a submission to the task force,” Mr Beattie said.

The task force includes membership from the Local Government Association of Queensland, State Government Departments, Queensland Events Corporation and the Motor Accident Insurance Commission.

Cabinet agreed in December 2001 to extend the Queensland Government Insurance Fund to cover 1300 P&Cs.

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