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Hung Parliament Looms in South Australian Election

As counting finished for the night in the South Australian election, it appeared that the House of Assembly would be hung, with neither the ALP or the Liberals winning a majority of seats.

House of Assembly – South Australia – 47 seats
No. Electorate Old Parliament New Parliament
1 Adelaide Liberal
Michael Armitage
since 1989
The ALP’s Jane Lomax-Smith is ahead with 51.8% and appears likely to win this seat.
2 Ashford new district
formerly Hanson
The ALP’s Stephanie Key has easily won this seat with 53.1% of the two-party vote.
3 Bragg Liberal
Graham Ingerson
since 1983
This is a safe Liberal seat, won by Vickie Chapman with 69.1% of the vote.
4 Bright Liberal
Wayne Matthew
since 1989
Wayne Matthew has held this seat with 54.6% of the vote.
5 Chaffey National
Karlene Maywald
since 1997
This seat has had only minor boundary changes in the redistribution. Maywald has easily won it with 64.8% of the two-party vote.
6 Cheltenham new district
formerly Price
Jay Weatherill has won this seat for the ALP, taking it back from the previous Labor member, Murray De Laine, who ran as in independent after losing his pre-selection.
7 Colton Liberal
Steve Condous
since 1993
This is one of the ALP’s definite gains. Paul Caica has won with 54.8% of the two-party vote.
8 Croydon new district
formerly Spence
A safe Labor seat, Michael Atkinson has 69.7% of the vote.
9 Davenport Liberal
Iain Evans
since 1993
Evans has easily retained this seat with 57.7% of the vote.
10 Elder ALP
Patrick Conlon
since 1997
Conlon is back for a second term with 54.2% of the vote.
11 Elizabeth ALP
Lea Stevens
since 1994
Lea Stevens has retained this seat with 57.3% of the vote.
12 Enfield new district
formerly Ross Smith
The ALP’s John Rau has won this seat for the ALP with 52.5% of the vote, defeating the controversial sitting member, Ralph Clarke. Clarke was the the Labor member who lost his endorsement after taking the ALP to court over branch stacking.
13 Finniss Liberal
Dean Brown
since 1993
The Deputy Premier has easily retained this safe Liberal seat with 66.1% of the vote.
14 Fisher Independent
Robert Such
since 1989
elected as Liberal, became Independent Oct 2000.
Bob Such has easily retained this seat with 64.1% of the vote, defeating the Liberal candidate, former Federal member, Susan Jeanes. Such can be expected to support the Liberals on the floor of the House.
15 Flinders Liberal
Elizabeth Penfold
since 1993
This is one of only 3 electorates to be untouched by the redistribution. Liz Penfold has easily won this safe Liberal seat with 73.9% of the vote.
16 Florey ALP
Frances Bedford
since 1997
With 54.2%, Bedford has retained this seat for the ALP.
17 Frome Liberal
Rob Kerin
since 1993
The Premier has had no trouble retaining this seat with over 60% of the vote.
18 Giles ALP
Lynette Breuer
since 1997
This seat has had only very minor boundary changes in the redistribution. Breuer has easily retained it with 61.7%.
19 Goyder Liberal
John Meier
since 1982
A safe Liberal seat, Meier has polled 65.9% to notch up his sixth term.
20 Hammond Independent
Peter Lewis
since 1997
The rebellious Peter Lewis has retained this seat against the Liberals with 52.3% of the two-party vote.
21 Hartley Liberal
Guiseppe Scalzi
since 1993
Joe Scalzi has 49.6% of the two-party vote, but should not be written off as able to retain this seat. The ALP’s Quentin Black needs to win if the ALP is to form government, but it is too close to be certain at this stage.
22 Heysen Liberal
David Wotton
since 1985
The Liberal Party’s Isobel Redmond has 55.3% of the vote and easily retains this Liberal seat.
23 Kaurna ALP
John Hill
since 1997
John Hill retains this safe Labor seat with 61.7%.
24 Kavel Liberal
John Olsen
since 1992
Mark Goldsworthy retains this seat for the Liberal Party with 52.4%, beating off a strong challenge from the independent Tom Playford, relative of the State’s longest serving Premier.
25 Lee ALP
Michael Wright
since 1997
Wright has 57.6%, easily retaining this seat for the ALP.
26 Light Liberal
Malcolm Buckby
since 1993
Buckby has 51.9% and will retain this seat for the Liberal Party, staving off Labor’s deputy leader, Annette Hurley.
27 MacKillop Liberal
Michael Williams
since 1997
elected Ind.Lib. rejoined Liberals Dec 12, 1999
This is one of only 3 electorates to be unchanged by the redistribution. Mitch Williams has 62.2% and will once again become a faithful member of the Liberal Party caucus.
28 Mawson Liberal
Robert Brokenshire
since 1993
With 53.5%, Brokenshire goes back into the House for his third term.
29 Mitchell ALP
Kris Hanna
since 1997
Kris Hanna has 54.7% and easily retains this seat for Labor.
30 Morialta new district
formerly Coles
Joan Hall has 53.3% and retains this seat for the Liberal Party.
31 Morphett Liberal
John Oswald
since 1979
Duncan McFetridge has 60.0% of the two-party vote and retains this safe Liberal seat.
32 Mount Gambier new district
formerly Gordon
This is one of only 3 electorates to be unchanged by the redistribution, but it has been renamed. Rory McEwen has 75% of the two-party vote and returns to the House of Assembly as an Independent member.
33 Napier ALP
Annette Hurley
since 1993
Michael O’Brien has retained this seat for the ALP with 64.1%, whilst the previous sitting member, Annette Hurley, has been defeated in her attempt to take Light. A bird in the hand?
34 Newland Liberal
Dorothy Kotz
since 1989
With 54.9%, Dorothy Kotz has easily held this seat.
35 Norwood ALP
Vincenzina Ciccarello
since 1997
Vini Ciccarello has 50.9% of the vote and should be able to win, but this remains a doubtful seat for Labor. It was once held by the ALP’s iconic former Premier, Don Dunstan.
36 Playford ALP
John Snelling
since 1997
With 63.6%, Jack Snelling has retained this safe Labor seat, named after the State’s longest-serving Premier from 1938-65, Sir Thomas Playford.
37 Port Adelaide new district
formerly Hart
With 71.9%, Kevin Foley has retained this safe Labor seat.
38 Ramsay ALP
Michael Rann
since 1993
The Opposition Leader has 71.0% of the vote and can afford to worry about whether he will win enough of the other doubtful seats to be able to become the next Premier.
39 Reynell ALP
Mary Thompson
since 1997
Gay Thompson has 56.9% and has retained this seat for the ALP.
40 Schubert Liberal
Ivan Venning
since 1997
Ivan Venning has 61.4% of the vote, staving off a challenge from the Democrats candidate, Kate Reynolds.
41 Stuart Liberal
Graham Gunn
since 1997
This is one of the undecided seats. The ALP’s Justin Jarvis has 50.2% of the vote, but Gunn is likely to do well in postal votes.
42 Taylor ALP
Patricia White
since 1994
A safe Labor seat, Trish White has 68.7% of the two-party vote.
43 Torrens ALP
Robyn Geraghty
since 1994
With 58.3%, Robyn Geraghty has had no difficulty holding this seat for the ALP.
44 Unley Liberal
Mark Brindal
since 1993
Mark Brindal has retained this Liberal seat with 57.8%.
45 Waite Liberal
Martin Hamilton-Smith
since 1997
The hyphenated Liberal member has 58.9% in this conservative electorate.
46 West Torrens new district Tom Koutsantonis has 59.1% and retains this safe seat for the ALP.
47 Wright ALP
Jennifer Rankine
since 1997
Jennifer Rankine has 53.8% and retains this seat for the ALP.

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