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Independent Peter Lewis To Support Minority Labor Government In South Australia

Peter Lewis, the independent member for Hammond in the South Australian House of Assembly, has announced that he will give his support to the Labor Party, following last Saturday’s election. The decision ensures that Mike Rann will become Premier of a minority Labor government.

RannFor the first time in the nation’s history, there will now be coast to coast Labor governments in every state and territory. Only the Federal government is controlled by the coalition parties.

Whilst counting in Hartley, Stuart and Norwood is not yet completed, it appears that the ALP will have 23 seats in the 47-seat House. With the support of Lewis, the ALP will have an absolute majority of 24. They could yet garner the support of another independent, Bob Such.

In a repeat of events in Victoria in 1999, Lewis has made specific demands in return for his support, centred on parliamentary reforms, such as reducing the number of MPs. More worryingly, Lewis favours the use of Citizen Initiated Referendums, traditionally a platform of the extreme right in Australia.

Lewis is a former member of the Liberal Party. He was expelled from the party over his persistent criticisms of the former Premier, John Olsen.

  • Listen to Peter Lewis discussing his decision to support the ALP (2m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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