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Hollingworth Unlikely To Survive

There are fresh allegations in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail this morning that Dr. Peter Hollingworth “endorsed a secret cash settlement which hushed up direct evidence of sexual abuse perpetrated against boys at an Anglican Church private school in Brisbane.”

CourierThe allegations are the latest in a series of claims that the Governor-General either turned a blind eye or covered up claims of child sexual abuse during his time as Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane.

It is now difficult to see the Governor-General surviving in his position.

The political pressure on the government is growing, John Howard offered qualified support yesterday, and a number of practical timing considerations have emerged. Hollingworth is scheduled to fly to New Zealand tomorrow and the Queen arrives in Australia next week. The statement promised by Hollingworth in response to the allegations did not appear yesterday, but is due today. A vice-regal resignation seems more likely.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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