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Archives for March 2002

Death Of The Queen Mother: Statement By Prime Minister John Howard

This is the text of a statement issued by the Prime Minister, John Howard.

Statement by Prime Minister John Howard:


I know all Australians will join me in mourning the death earlier today of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother at Windsor.

She was in every way a great and gracious lady, held in deep affection and respect by Australians. [Read more…]

Queen Mother A Great And Gracious Lady: Howard

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, who died yesterday at the age of 101.

Howard held a press conference in Sydney.

  • Listen to Howard (25s)

Transcript of Prime Minister John Howard’s press conference on the death of the Queen Mother.

Queen MotherPRIME MINISTER: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I know that all Australians will join me in mourning the passing of a very great and gracious lady, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. It is a time of mourning but it is also very particularly a time of thanksgiving for a quite remarkable life. A life which touched three centuries and the death of The Queen Mother removes a link with events long ago which have shaped the history of this country as well as the history of the United Kingdom and many other member countries of the commonwealth. She was a person who led a quite amazing life. It was not only very long but it was also a life governed by a loyalty and tradition and commitment to service. She embodied values of old-fashioned patriotism, of stoicism, of commitment to family and commitment to nation and commitment to an ideal. It will never be forgotten that during the darkest days of World War II, beside her husband, the late King George VI, she refused to leave London during the worst of the Nazi onslaught and was constantly with her late husband encouraging and uplifting the spirits their beleaguered people. [Read more…]


Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, has died, aged 101.

The Queen Mother, born The Honourable Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, died in her sleep at the Royal Lodge, Great Windsor Park yesterday. Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, was at her side.

Queen Mother [Read more…]

Parliamentary Procedures: Unparliamentary Language

One of the more confusing aspects of parliamentary procedure is knowing what constitutes unparliamentary language.

This article is taken from The Backbencher, the weekly newsletter from The Guardian.

Unparliamentary Language

It’s alarmingly easy for new MPs to slip up in the early days of a parliament. MPs are not allowed to accuse each other of lying or inebriation – a rule once flouted by Clare Short during a drunken speech by the late employment minister, Alan Clark – and the Speaker has also objected to various terms of abuse, including “blackguard”, “git”, “rat”, “traitor” and “stoolpigeon”. [Read more…]

Bill Heffernan’s Disgraceful Speech Under Parliamentary Privilege

Mar 12 – John Howard’s confidante and Liberal Party eyes and ears, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet, Senator Bill Heffernan, made a disgraceful speech to the Senate last night, alleging that High Court Justice Michael Kirby is “not fit and proper to sit in judgment of people charged with sex offences against children”.

Heffernan only named Michael Kirby as the final two words in a speech which alleged that a judge has “indiscreetly, improperly and illegally used Comcar” and “trawled for rough trade at the Darlinghurst Wall”. [Read more…]

Australia And The US – Shared Interests: Speech By Alexander Downer

This is the text of a speech delivered by Alexander Downer, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, to the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, in Melbourne.

Transcript of speech by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to American Chamber of Commerce.

DownerWell, thank you very much, Christine, for your introduction; Governor Mark Schweiker of the state of Pennsylvania and his party, those travelling with him, and ladies and gentlemen.

First, it is a great pleasure to be able to welcome Governor Schweiker here.  I think it’s particularly appropriate, Governor, that you should be in Australia at this time, you coming from the state of Pennsylvania, a state that is not only one of the homes of the American steel industry – a subject I’ll come back to in a moment – … [Read more…]

Almost Impossible To Find A Functional Aboriginal Community Anywhere In The Northern Territory: Ah Kit

A speech by the Northern Territory Minister for Community Services, Mr. John Ah Kit, in which he claimed “it is almost impossible to find a functional Aboriginal community anywhere in the Northern Territory”, has caused some controversy in recent days.

Ah KitIn his speech to the Northern Territory Parliament, Ah Kit said: “I am talking of the dysfunction that is endemic through virtually all of our communities, both in towns and the bush. We cannot pretend that a community is functional when half the kids don’t go to school because they have been up most of the night coping with drunken parents, or because they themselves have been up all night sniffing petrol. [Read more…]

Independent Counsel Robert Ray’s Final Report

This is the Final Report of the investigation of Independent Counsel, Robert W. Ray, into Monica Lewinsky and others in relation to the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association.

The report was filed on May 18, 2001 and released on March 6, 2002, two years after President Clinton left office.

Robert Ray, 39, succeeded Kenneth Starr as Independent Counsel on October 19, 1999. He inherited Starr’s investigation and had to write the final report.

Ray previously worked for Independent Counsel Donald Smaltz on the prosecution of Clinton’s former Agriculture Secretary, Mike Espy. Ray’s appointment was criticised by Clinton’s spokesman, Joe Lockhart, as a “dubious proposition”. [Read more…]

Keating Attacks Howard Over Handling Of Hollingworth Controversy

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has criticised his successor John Howard’s handling of the controversy surrounding Governor-General Peter Hollingworth.

Keating said Howard’s misjudgement was two-fold. He appointed a churchman and then failed to determine his suitability.

“Dr. Hollingworth is not just a victim of his own circumstances, he’s a victim of John Howard’s judgement,” Keating said. [Read more…]

Keating: Howard Government Attacks Australia’s Great National Institutions

This audio below contains extracts of a speech by former Prime Minister Paul Keating in which he argued that the Howard government is attacking Australia’s great national institutions.

Keating attacked Howard over his choice of Archbishop Dr. Peter Hollingworth as Governor-General. [Read more…]