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Archives for March 2002

Move With The Times To Remain Relevant, Queen Tells CHOGM

Australia’s Head of State, the British Queen Elizabeth II, speaking in her capacity as Head of the Commonwealth, has officially opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Coolum, on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland.

  • Listen to the Queen’s speech (7m)
  • Listen to Don McKinnon, Commonwealth Secretary-General (7m)
  • Listen to the opening music (16m)
  • Listen to Waltzing Matilda (3m)

Text of Queen Elizabeth II’s speech at the opening of CHOGM.

QueenMr Prime Minister, Mr Secretary General, President Mbeki, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be with you today in Coolum. I am delighted that this meeting takes place in Australia, one of the Commonwealth’s founding members. I know it was originally planned to coincide with the Centenary of Federation last year, but that is still recent enough for us to congratulate the people of this country on that major milestone in their history. May I thank you, Mr Prime Minister, for the warm welcome we have all received in Australia.

May I also express my best wishes to you, Mr Secretary General, as you embark on your important responsibilities at this your first Heads of Government Meeting in your present post, although you are of course no stranger to Commonwealth meetings. [Read more…]

John Howard’s Address At The Opening Ceremony Of CHOGM 2002

The Prime Minister, John Howard has addressed the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, at its opening in Coolum, Queensland.

  • Listen to Howard (5m)

Transcript of the speech given by the Prime Minister, John Howard, at the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Goverment Meeting in Coolum, Queensland.

HowardYour Majesty, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. May I welcome all of you who have come to our nation, to Australia. May I wish my fellow Commonwealth delegation leaders an enjoyable and productive Commonwealth conference at Coolum. Particularly do we, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, honour and salute the presence of the head of the Commonwealth Her Majesty the Queen. Ma’am, the modern Commonwealth was first given form by your late father King George VI and in the fifty years of your reign you have served the Commonwealth with great commitment and great dignity and we rejoice in the opportunity of being with you in this fiftieth year of your time as head of the Commonwealth. [Read more…]

The Darwin Awards

It’s not political, but it’s been circulating around the Internet in recent days…

The Darwin Awards, according to the Internet.

It’s that time again . . . . . They are finally out again.

You all know about the Darwin Awards – It’s an annual honor given to the person who did the gene pool the biggest service by killing themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way. [Read more…]

Australian Army 101 Years Old Today

The Australian Army is 101 years old today. The national Army was formed on March 1, 1901, although there were colonial militias fighting in the Anglo Boer War in South Africa at the moment of Federation on January 1, 1901.

ArmyA series of church services and other ceremonies are being conducted around the country to mark the occasion today. A statement from the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, says that since 1901 “Australian soldiers have served in military campaigns during World Wars One and Two, Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and in the Gulf.”

The statement goes on: “Today, Australian soldiers serve in peacekeeping, peace monitoring and military assistance operations around the world, including countries such as Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Bougainville, Ethiopia, Eritrea and East Timor. Australian Soldiers are at the forefront of Australia’s contribution to the coalition against terrorism.” [Read more…]