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Hawke-Wran Review Of ALP Published

A report by former ALP Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, and former NSW Premier, Neville Wran, into the structure of the ALP has been released today.

A statement issued by the two men said: “The recommendations are geared towards making the Party more participatory and democratic, more attractive to potential members, and more in step with the attitudes and aspirations of the Australian electorate.”

Hawke and Wran said: “The Report is the result of a rigorous consultation program spanning nine months and involving more than 2000 branch members who attended Party forums in every state and territory. We also met with community leaders, Premiers and Chief Ministers, past and present members of parliament, national union leaders, women’s groups and academics from around the country.

“The Report is now in the hands of the ALP National Executive, who are expected to appoint a Rules sub-committee to turn the recommendations into proposed rule changes. These will then be debated at the Special National Conference announced by Simon Crean and to be held in Canberra 5-6 October this year.”

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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