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Latham Promoted In Crean’s Shadow Ministry

The Federal Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, has promoted Mark Latham into the Shadow Cabinet, in a minor reshuffle, following the resignation from Parliament of Stephen Martin, the former Shadow Minister for Trade.

CreanThe reshuffle gives Latham responsibility for a new post called Community Security, in addition to his existing portfolio of Economic Ownership, Housing and Urban Development.

The reshuffle brings Annette Ellis, the member for Canberra, into the shadow ministry as spokesperson for Ageing and Seniors. Senator Michael Forshaw becomes a Parliamentary Secretary.

Martin, the former member for Cunningham, was a member of the NSW Right faction. The replacements in the Shadow Ministry reflect that factional allegiance.

Text of the statement released by Simon Crean, announcing the new Shadow Ministry:

I have today taken the opportunity of the vacancy in the Shadow Ministry to give greater strength to the policy areas Labor has identified as priorities for all Australians.

I have promoted Mark Latham to Shadow Cabinet, and added to his portfolio responsibilities of Economic Ownership, Housing and Urban Development the additional responsibility for Community Security.

This new portfolio builds on the work Mark has done in developing policies to give all Australians the opportunity to get ahead, own their own home and achieve financial security with additional responsibility for community safety.

Mark will now be in charge of Labor’s plan to bring national leadership in the fight to protect our communities against crime through policies such as Labor’s Community Safety Zones. Labor believes community security extends to protecting our borders and Mark will also be given responsibility for Labor’s Coastguard policy.

I am also delighted to announce the appointment of Annette Ellis as Labor’s new Shadow Minister for Ageing and Seniors, and Minister Assisting on Disabilities.

Annette’s portfolio recognises her devotion to helping people with disabilities and her desire to work in the area of social policy.

The link between trade, industry and innovation is vital to Australia’s future economic development, and I have today also taken the opportunity to further highlight this policy priority for Labor by giving Dr Craig Emerson specific responsibility for Trade, in addition to his existing responsibilities for industry and innovation.

Other changes I am announcing today will strengthen Labor’s representation in a number of other key areas of concern to all Australians.

Another policy priority for Labor is improving the job prospects of unemployed Australians through better job skills and training and Anthony Albanese will now take a key role in this area as Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training.

Economist David Cox, former senior private secretary to Finance Minister Peter Walsh in the 1980s and principal advisor to Treasurer Ralph Willis in the 1990s will be using his economic and financial skills as Labor’s Assistant Treasury spokesman.

Labor sees regional development as a vital part of our nation’s future and Tourism’s key role in the regions will be highlighted by the move of Tourism to the Regional Development Portfolio. Specific responsibility for Tourism will now be taken up by Gavan O’Connor in addition to his duties as Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government.

I am also delighted to announce the promotion of Senator Michael Forshaw to the position of Parliamentary Secretary for Family and Community Services, the role previously held by Annette Ellis.

The changes I have announced today further highlight Labor’s priorities and reflect my determination to develop policies that meet the needs of all Australians.

This is the full list of the new ALP Shadow Ministry:

  1. Albanese, Anthony – Member for Grayndler
    Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training
  2. Bishop, Mark – Senator for Western Australia
    Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs
  3. Carr, Kim – Senator for Victoria
    Shadow Minister for Science and Research
  4. Conroy, Stephen – Senator for Victoria
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Finance, Small Business and Financial Services
  5. Cox, David – Member for Kingston
    Shadow Assistant Treasurer
  6. Ellis, Annette – Member for Canberra
    Shadow Minister for Ageing and Seniors
    Shadow Minister Assisting on Disabilities
  7. Emerson, Craig – Member for Rankin
    Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry and Trade
  8. Evans, Chris – Senator for Western Australia
    Shadow Minister for Defence
  9. Faulkner, John – Senator for New South Wales
    Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Home Affairs
  10. Ferguson, Laurie – Member for Reid
    Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs
  11. Ferguson, Martin – Member for Batman
    Shadow Minister for Regional and Urban Development, Transport and Infrastructure
  12. Fitzgibbon, Joel – Member for Hunter
    Shadow Minister for Resources
  13. Gillard, Julia – Member for Lalor
    Shadow Minister for Population and Immigration
  14. Latham, Mark – Member for Werriwa
    Shadow Minister for Economic Ownership and Community Security
    Shadow Minister for Urban Development and Housing
  15. Lawrence, Carmen – Member for Fremantle
    Shadow Minister for Reconciliation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
    Shadow Minister for the Arts
    Shadow Minister for Status of Women
  16. Lundy, Kate – Senator for Australian Capital Territory
    Shadow Minister for Information Technology
    Shadow Minister for Sport
  17. Macklin, Jennifer (Jenny) – Member for Jagajaga
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Science
  18. McClelland, Robert – Member for Barton
    Shadow Attorney-General
    Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations
  19. McMullan, Bob – Member for Fraser
    Shadow Treasurer
  20. Melham, Daryl – Member for Banks
    Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs
  21. O’Brien, Kerry – Senator for Tasmania
    Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Resources
    Opposition Whip
  22. O’Connor, Gavan – Member for Corio
    Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government
    Shadow Minister for Tourism
  23. Roxon, Nicola – Member for Gellibrand
    Shadow Minister for Children and Youth
  24. Rudd, Kevin – Member for Griffith
    Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
  25. Sherry, Nick – Senator for Tasmania
    Shadow Minister for Retirement Incomes and Savings
    Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs
  26. Smith, Stephen – Member for Perth
    Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing
  27. Swan, Wayne – Member for Lilley
    Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services
    Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives
  28. Tanner, Lindsay – Member for Melbourne
    Shadow Minister for Communications
  29. Thomson, Kelvin – Member for Wills
    Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage
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