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Archives for September 2002

Simon Crean Queries John Anderson On Sacking Of Allan Hawke

Following the Federal Government’s termination of Allan Hawke as Secretary of the Defence Department, the Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, directed a question in the House of Representatives to the Acting Prime Minister, John Anderson.

Crean asked why the government has decided not to renew Dr. Hawke’s contract. Anderson did not provide a clear answer. [Read more…]

Sports Minister Rod Kemp Addresses National Press Club

The Minister for the Arts and Sport, Senator Rod Kemp, has addressed the National Press Club, in Canberra.

Kemp spoke on the funding and organisation of sport in Australia. [Read more…]

Iraq: John Howard Speaks To Media After Meeting With Tony Blair

Prime Minister John Howard met with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, following Blair’s statement on Iraq to the House of Commons.

Howard spoke to the media outside 10 Downing Street. [Read more…]

Iraq: Blair, Duncan-Smith And Kennedy Speak In Commons

As talk of war aimed at achieving “regime change” in Iraq continues, and as pressure intensifies on the United Nations Security Council to issue an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has addressed the House of Commons on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

The Conservative Party leader, Iain Duncan-Smith and the Liberal-Democrats leader, Charles Kennedy, responded to Blair’s statement.

Blair released an intelligence dossier on Iraq. It is shown below. [Read more…]

The National Security Strategy Of The United States Of America

President George W. Bush has released a policy document on the national security strategy of the United States.

The document says: “Defending our Nation against its enemies is the first and fundamental commitment of the Federal Government. Today, that task has changed dramatically. Enemies in the past needed great armies and great industrial capabilities to endanger America. Now, shadowy networks of individuals can bring great chaos and suffering to our shores for less than it costs to purchase a single tank. Terrorists are organized to penetrate open societies and to turn the power of modern technologies against us.” [Read more…]

Statements On Iraq: Downer And Crean Speak In House Debate

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, has delivered a parliamentary statement on Iraq.

The Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, responded to Downer’s speech, as divisions within the ALP intensified over the issue.

Following the statements by Downer and Crean, a further 36 members of the House spoke in the debate.

  • Listen to Downer (35m – transcript below)
  • Listen to Crean (34m – transcript below)

Hansard transcript of Statement on Iraq by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. [Read more…]

Australian Greens 2002 National Constitution

This is the official Charter and National Constitution of the Australian Greens.

The document was released in September 2002.

The PDF below can be expanded and downloaded.


ASEAN Regional Forum

This is a pamphlet on the ASEAN Regional Forum, produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

ASEAN is the Association of South-East Asian Nations. It is a political and economic organisation with 10 member countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam.

The Regional Forum consists of all the ASEAN countries plus 17 others: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, the European Union, India, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, East Timor, United States and Sri Lanka.
[Read more…]

Western Australian Government To Toughen MPs Disclosure Laws

The Gallop Labor government in Western Australia is to introduce sweeping new financial disclosure rules for WA members of parliament.

The new rules include requiring MPs to disclose information about family holdings and publishing details of MPs’ financial interests on the internet. [Read more…]

Howard Launches Menzies Virtual Museum

Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, has been honoured by the Menzies Foundation with the launch of the Menzies Virtual Museum, a website which documents the life of the founder of the modern Liberal Party.

Sir Robert MenziesMenzies was twice Prime Minister: from 1939-41, and from 1949-1966. He retired undefeated after 16 continuous years as prime minister, having served a total of 18 years, 5 months and 12 days.

Menzies became Prime Minister following the death of Joseph Lyons on April 7, 1939. Leading Australia into World War II, Menzies’ government steadily disintegrated, riven by personal and political rivalries. Menzies resigned on August 29, 1941. Shortly afterwards, his successor, the Country Party’s Arthur Fadden, was defeated on the floor of the House of Representatives, after two independent members shifted their support to the ALP’s John Curtin. [Read more…]