Saddam Hussein: A Decade Of Deception And Defiance

Ahead of President George W. Bush’s speech to the General Assembly, the White House has released a catalogue of claims that Saddam Hussein has engaged in a decade of defiance of the United Nations.

The White House booklet claims the Iraqi leader “has systematically and continually violated 16 United Nations Security Council resolutions over the past decade”.

The booklet says: “For more than a decade, Saddam Hussein has deceived and defied the will and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council by, among other things: continuing to seek and develop chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and prohibited long-range missiles; brutalizing the Iraqi people, including committing gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity; supporting international terrorism; refusing to release or account for prisoners of war and other missing individuals from the Gulf War era; refusing to return stolen Kuwaiti property; and working to circumvent the UN’s economic sanctions.”

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