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Citizens Electoral Council Paranoia

This website will always provide a link to a political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Sometimes, however, this list is out-of-date. Afterall, it is not my priority to provide links to other sites – that’s what search engines are for.

The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia is a lunar right organisation that worships at the altar of Lyndon LaRouche, an American neo-Nazi, anti-semitic conspiracist.

This email sent to me on November 16, 2002, is an amusing example of the paranoia that characterises fringe politics:

Dear Malcolm Farnsworth,

Is it your policy to deliberately omit the Citizens Electoral Council in your list of parties, and if so, why? It does seem odd, that in your list, you have just about every political party under the sun and not the CEC. The CEC website is

I would appreciate a reply ASAP.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Beck
Victorian State Chairman
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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