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Archives for March 2003

Iraq War: Daily Defence Briefing – Brigadier Mike Hannan

This is Brigadier Mike Hannan’s daily Defence Briefing on operations in the Middle East. [Read more…]

Iraq Operations Going Extremely Well: Howard

This is the audio of Prime Minister John Howard’s press conference.

Howard reported on Australia’s operations in the Middle East. He described them as “going extremely well”. [Read more…]

Iraq War: Daily Defence Briefing – Brigadier Mike Hannan

This is the daily Defence Briefing on operations in Iraq.

The briefing was given by Brigadier Mike Hannan.

  • Listen to Hannan (21m)

Transcript of Defence Briefing by Brigadier Mike Hannan.

BRIGADIER MIKE HANNAN: Good morning everyone, and welcome again to our regular update on operations in the Middle East.

Again I am happy to report that all our people engaged in operations in the Middle East have continued their missions over the past 24 hours without significant incident or loss, and they are all well. [Read more…]

Full Text Of Victoria’s Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Act 2003

This is the full text of the parliamentary reform bill passed by both houses of the Victorian Parliament.

The bill introduces fixed 4-year terms and reforms the Legislative Council by reducing its membership and introduces proportional representation. [Read more…]

Victorian Parliamentary Reform – Explanatory Memorandum

This is the text of the explanatory memorandum that was circulated with the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Bill.

The bill involves historic reform of the Victorian Parliament. It reforms the Legislative Council, eliminates the power of the upper house to block Supply and introduces fixed four-year terms for both houses. [Read more…]

Historic Reform Of Victorian Parliament

The Victorian Parliament has passed historic legislation providing for reform of the Legislative Council, fixed four-year terms and the abolition of the Council’s power to block Supply.

The legislation – the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Bill – was introduced by the Premier, Steve Bracks to the Legislative Assembly on February 26. It was passed with amendments on March 20 and introduced into the Legislative Council on the same day by John Lenders. The Bill was passed without amendments on March 27.

The bill is the first major reform to be passed by the Legislative Council since the Labor Government secured a comfortable majority in the general election of November 30, 2002.

The bill provides for:

  • a fixed four year parliamentary term, unless dissolution of the Assembly occurs sooner;
  • re-constitution of the Council to consist of 40 members, elected from 8 regions each region returning 5 members;
  • proportional representation with optional preferential voting for members of the Council;
  • the filling of casual vacancies in the Council;
  • the President of the Council to have a deliberative, but not casting, vote;
  • recognition of the principle of Government mandate;
  • removal of the ability of the Council to block supply (Annual Appropriation) Bills;
  • a dispute resolution process for deadlocked Bills;
  • the entrenchment of certain legislative provisions.

The legislation fixes the last Saturday in November every four years as the election date. The Legislative Council, a bastion of conservative domination for over 150 years, is to be reduced in numbers from 44 to 40. Proportional representation will mean that the ALP will likely lose its majority at the next election, with the balance of power going to minor parties and/or independents.


Beattie Says Howard Will Need To Repair Australia’s Regional Relationships

The Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, says that Australia’s relationships in the region will need to be repaired as a result of the war in Iraq.

Beattie said Howard needed the 18 months until the next election to work on those relationships. He expressed doubts about Treasurer Peter Costello’s ability to achieve the same outcomes. [Read more…]

Operation Falconer: Defence Department Daily Briefing

This is the transcript of the Daily Media Briefing conducted by the Australian Defence Force in Canberra.

The briefing on Australian operations in the Middle East was conducted by Brigadier Mike Hannan and Air Marshal Angus Houston.

  • Listen to the briefing (31m)

Transcript of Defence Force briefing.


Good morning everyone, and good morning to those of you watching this brief at home – welcome again to our regular update on our operations in the Middle East.

Before we start in detail, I would like to clarify two key points from yesterdays brief. Firstly, the HMAS ANZAC did not fire missiles whilst providing gunfire support, as detailed in some media reports. The ANZAC used its main armament, which is a 5″ Gun. [Read more…]

Iraq War: Daily Defence Briefing – Brigadier Mike Hannan

This is the Daily Defence Briefing from Brigadier Mike Hannan.

The briefing is on Operation Falcon, Australia’s military operation in Iraq. [Read more…]

Election Count: 2003 NSW State Election

This is the audio of Sky News television coverage of the 2003 New South Wales state election count.

The ALP won its third consecutive victory under the leadership of Bob Carr. The government was first elected in 1995 and re-elected in 1999.

It was Carr’s last election. He retired in 2005. [Read more…]