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Archives for May 2003

The Times Of London On Howard’s Roman Holiday

This is the text of an editorial from The Times of London.

When in Rome: The Australian Prime Minister’s impressive hotel bill

It takes a lot to shock an Australian. Indeed, about 500,000 volts are normally required to have any impact. But Senator Robert Ray spoke for a nation yesterday when he pronounced himself utterly “shocked” by the A$45,000 (£18,000) bill acquired by John Howard, the Prime Minister, for his four-night stay in the Royal Suite of the St Regis Grand Hotel in Rome. The Italian Government appears to have been equally stunned as it has, contrary to protocol, refused to pick up the tab. It has not helped that Mr Howard is also under fire for laying down a wine cellar at public expense four years ago. This was sold as a long-term investment for dealing with the demands of foreign dignitaries. Alas, as one envious Opposition spokesman put it: “They’ve guzzled the lot.” [Read more…]

Alston Attacks ABC Coverage Of Iraq War

The Howard government’s Minister for Communications, Senator Richard Alston, has alleged bias in the ABC’s coverage of the war in Iraq.

Senator Alston has released an analysis detailing 68 instances of alleged bias in the AM program.

Text of media statement by the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston. [Read more…]

Governor-General Peter Hollingworth’s Farewell Address

This is the text of the televised address to the nation by the Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth.

The Governor-General’s resignation takes effect at midnight tonight.

  • Listen to Hollingworth’s Address:

Farewell Address by Governor-General Dr. Peter Hollingworth.

Peter HollingworthMy decision to resign as Governor-General was taken after long and soul searching consideration which finally came to an end last week. I weighed up the obligations of the Governor-General, sworn in the solemn oath of office “I do swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors according to law and that I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of the Commonwealth of Australia without fear or favour, affection or ill will, so help me God.” Could I fulfill that oath? [Read more…]


Australia’s 23rd Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth, has announced his resignation.

Hollingworth said the “misplaced and unwarranted allegations” made against him threatened to “undermine and diminish my capacity to uphold the importance, dignity and integrity” of the office of Governor-General.

Text of resignation statement released by the Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth. [Read more…]

Democrats Renew Call For Royal Commission On Child Abuse

The Australian Democrats have renewed their call for the establishment of a Royal Commission on Child Abuse..

The party’s leader, Senator Andrew Bartlett, said the withdrawal of the rape case against the Governor-General is not the end of the matter. [Read more…]

Greens Condemn Howard Over Hollingworth

The Australian Greens have condemned Prime Minister, John Howard, for his inaction over Governor-General Peter Hollingworth.

The Greens say Howard has allowed the office of Governor-General to be damaged. [Read more…]

Hollingworth Rape Case Withdrawn: Governor-General “Giving Proper Consideration To My Long-Term Future”

The Governor-General, Peter Hollingworth, has released a video statement following the withdrawal of civil rape allegations in the Victorian Supreme Court today.

In the statement, he reiterates his innocence of the rape allegation, describing it as “absolutely untrue”. The Governor-General did not say he was resigning, but said that he now had the time to “give proper consideration” to his “long-term future and tenure”.

The statement, recorded in a Canberra studio this afternoon, has been released to the media as separate “grabs” suitable for use on television and radio.

Questioned in Brisbane this morning, the Prime Minister, John Howard, said: “Well, I’ve just been informed of the court decision in Victoria. I understand that the Governor-General himself will shortly issue or make a statement and in those circumstances I don’t have anything further to say at this time.. I don’t have anything to add to what I’ve just said. The Governor-General will make a statement and I don’t have anything to add at this time.” [Read more…]

Security Fundamental To The Cause Of Labor: Latham

This is the text of the speech delivered by the Shadow Minister for Economic Ownership and Community Security, Mark Latham, to the Northern Territory Press Club, in Darwin.

Latham spoke about security issues, including border security and community safety.

Text of speech by Mark Latham to the Northern Territory Press Club.

LathamSecurity is one of the most important issues facing our society. We live in an uncertain world, a world in which governments are devising new strategies to deal with the threat of international terrorism.

In this country, our national government has the wrong strategy. It is fighting wars against the women and children of nation states, when it should be targeting the terrorists themselves. [Read more…]

Crean And Beazley Spar Over Leadership Challenge Claims

The Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, and his predecessor, Kim Beazley, have continued sparring over the ALP leadership.

In an interview on Sky News today, Crean claimed that Beazley had given him an undertaking not to challenge for the leadership.

Beazley responded to Crean’s remarks and praised the Shadow Treasurer for his Budget Response. [Read more…]

Simon Crean’s 2003 Budget Reply Speech

This is the prepared text of the Budget Reply by the Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean.

In responding to the government’s budget, Crean made a series of commitments on Medicare, education, water and corporate salaries. [Read more…]