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Democrats Call On Hollingworth To Step Down

The Australian Democrats have called on Governor-General Peter Hollingworth to step down.

This is the text of a media release by the leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Andrew Bartlett.

Justice for Abused Children in Care

Senator Andrew BartlettThe Australian Democrats today said an investigation revealing the Anglican Church in Brisbane under Peter Hollingworth acted unfairly in dealing with complaints of sexual abuse confirmed serious concerns over Dr Hollingworth’s fitness to remain as Australian Governor-General.

Democrats’ Leader, Senator Andrew Bartlett, today repeated his calls for Dr Hollingworth to step down as Governor-General in the wake of the report’s conclusions.

But Senator Bartlett said the issue of abuse of children in care was far broader than Dr Hollingworth and the Anglican Church.

“The findings of this report demonstrate again that not just Churches, but all institutions that care for children, are not doing enough to protect children or detect and punish child abusers.

“It’s time governments got serious on the appalling level of protection we afford children, especially those in institutionalised care.

“The Democrats will continue to pursue tougher regulations for those responsible for caring for children, and justice for the victims of child abuse.”

Senator Bartlett said the Australian Democrats have instigated a Senate inquiry into child abuse in institutions and care which is still calling for submissions.

The inquiry, initiated by Democrat Senator Andrew Murray, will aim to identify and redress the suffering of many Australian children.

The inquiry is the third in a trilogy of inquiries on child protection, the previous two being the Stolen Generation and Child Migrant Inquiries, which was also instigated by the Democrats.

“We hope this inquiry into child abuse in institutions and in care helps heal the hurt that victims have suffered and provides some ideas for solutions and policies to address these issues,” Senator Bartlett said.

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