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Greens Condemn Howard Over Hollingworth

The Australian Greens have condemned Prime Minister, John Howard, for his inaction over Governor-General Peter Hollingworth.

The Greens say Howard has allowed the office of Governor-General to be damaged.

Text of statement by the Australian Greens.

Statement on the Governor-General

Prime Minister Condemned

The Greens position that the Governor-General should resign is unaffected by today’s court proceedings in Melbourne and the Governor-General’s subsequent statement.

The Prime Minister stands condemned for his failure to solve this crisis and, by his inaction, for allowing the office of Governor-General to become so damaged.

The Prime Minister has so far only assessed the situation in purely legal and political terms rather than doing what is best for the nation.

The Greens will continue with our push for a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse across society.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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