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Latham Announces New Shadow Ministry

The new Leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham, has appointed Simon Crean as Shadow Treasurer, created a new portfolio of Homeland Security and installed Stephen Smith as spokesman on Immigration.

Mark Latham, Leader of the OppositionAnnouncing his shadow ministry, Latham emphasised the need for the “protection of the physical security of all Australians”. He has appointed Robert McClelland, reportedly the final deciding vote in last Tuesday’s leadership election, to the Homeland Security portfolio, a name derived from a similar post created by President George W. Bush in the United States.

Latham has shifted Nicole Roxon to the Shadow Attorney-General’s position, making room for Stephen Smith as Shadow Minister for Immigration. Smith, the member for Perth, resigned from the front bench following Kim Beazley’s unsuccessful leadership challenge against Simon Crean last June. He has close links with Dr. Carmen Lawrence, a fellow Western Australian and critic of the ALP’s asylum-seeker policy. Lawrence resigned from the shadow ministry over this issue in December 2002.

Text of Mark Latham’s media statement announcing his Shadow Ministry.

Today I announce my new Shadow Ministry, which gives Federal Labor the best team to win Government in 2004.

I have appointed Robert McClelland to the newly created Homeland Security portfolio, demonstrating Labor’s commitment to a dedicated Cabinet Minister responsible for security in Australia. The portfolio will encompass border protection, crime prevention, intelligence-gathering, investigation and prosecution, taking in all domestic counter-terrorism agencies – as well as Labor’s community security agenda.

It will provide a one-stop shop approach for working with the States and Territories to enhance Australia’s national security. We must win the war against terror internationally, plus secure the home front against the threat of terrorism. Labor’s Department of Homeland Security is a fully integrated and coordinated way of achieving this vital goal.

The protection of the physical security of all Australians is a fundamental obligation of government. Kevin Rudd, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Security, and Senator Chris Evans, Shadow Minister for Defence, complete Labor’s national security team. Mr Rudd’s responsibilities include the security of Australian citizens and interests internationally, including international counter-terrorism.

I am delighted to announce that Simon Crean will become Labor’s Shadow Treasurer. Simon heads a strong team of economic Shadow Ministers: Bob McMullan in Finance, David Cox in Revenue and as Assistant Treasurer, Senator Stephen Conroy in Trade, Corporate Governance and Financial Services, and Senator Nick Sherry in Retirement Incomes and Savings. In addition to his role as Shadow Minister for Finance, Bob McMullan has been given responsibility for Small Business, a vital issue and constituency for Labor.

My Deputy, Jenny Macklin, retains responsibility for Employment, Education and Training. Labor’s Senate Leader, Senator John Faulkner, retains his role as Shadow Special Minister for State and becomes Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Accountability.

Nicola Roxon will be my Shadow Attorney-General – the youngest woman ever to hold the position – in addition to her continuing responsibility assisting me on the Status of Women. The appointment of Stephen Smith to the Immigration portfolio, and Senator Kerry O’Brien to Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs, strengthens our focus in these two key areas of Labor values and social justice.

Urban and regional issues will be strongly represented by Martin Ferguson in Urban and Regional Development, Transport and Infrastructure; Senator Kerry O’Brien in Tourism, Regional Services and Territories; and Daryl Melham in Housing, Urban Development and Local Government.

Joel Fitzgibbon is appointed Shadow Minister for Mining, Energy and Forestry, and Gavan O’Connor becomes Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries.

Craig Emerson adds the Public Service to his responsibility for Workplace Relations. Alan Griffin will assist Julia Gillard in Health while retaining his Consumer Affairs portfolio. Laurie Ferguson will now combine the Population, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs portfolios. Kelvin Thomson will add Heritage to his responsibilities for Sustainability and the Environment.

The new Shadow Ministry retains proven performers who will further advance Labor’s campaign in key policy areas: Julia Gillard in Health; Wayne Swan in Family and Community Services; Lindsay Tanner in Communications; Senator Kim Carr in Industry and Innovation and in Science and Research; Anthony Albanese in Employment Services and Training, Senator Mark Bishop in Veterans’ Affairs and in Customs; Annette Ellis in Ageing and Seniors and in Disabilities, Senator Kate Lundy in Information Technology, in Sport and Recreation, and in The Arts; and Senator Jacinta Collins in Children and Youth.

I am also pleased that these new arrangements will see more Shadow Ministers represented in the same chamber as the relevant Government Minister, taking the fight up to the Howard Government in the Parliament.

Labor will retain a full Shadow Ministry system, as currently operates (i.e., without an inner Cabinet.)

Finally, I have retained all current Parliamentary Secretaries and appointed Senator Peter Cook as an additional Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader. Senator Joseph Ludwig’s Parliamentary Secretary responsibilities are extended to encompass the full range of matters within the Homeland Security portfolio and Sid Sidebottom becomes Parliamentary Secretary in the Agriculture and Resources portfolios.

This is the new ALP Shadow Ministry announced by Mark Latham on December 8, 2003.


  1. Latham, Mark – Member for Werriwa (NSW)
    Leader of the Opposition

  2. Macklin, Jennifer (Jenny) – Member for Jagajaga (Vic)
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Minister for Education, Employment and Training

  3. Crean, Simon – Member for Hotham (Vic)
    Shadow Treasurer
    Deputy Manager of Business in the House

  4. Albanese, Anthony – Member for Grayndler (NSW)
    Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training

  5. Bishop, Mark – Senator for Western Australia
    Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs
    Shadow Minister for Customs

  6. Carr, Kim – Senator for Victoria
    Shadow Minister for Science and Research
    Shadow Minister for Industry and Innovation
    Shadow Minister for the Public Service

  7. Jacinta Collins – Senator for Victoria
    Shadow Minister for Children and Youth

  8. Conroy, Stephen – Senator for Victoria
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Trade
    Shadow Minister for Corporate Governance and Financial Services

  9. Cox, David – Member for Kingston (SA)
    Assistant Shadow Treasurer
    Shadow Minister for Revenue

  10. Ellis, Annette – Member for Canberra (ACT)
    Shadow Minister for Ageing and Seniors
    Shadow Minister for Disabilities

  11. Emerson, Craig – Member for Rankin (Qld)
    Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations
    Shadow Minister for the Public Service

  12. Evans, Chris – Senator for Western Australia
    Shadow Minister for Defence

  13. Faulkner, John – Senator for New South Wales
    Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Special Minister of State
    Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Accountability

  14. Ferguson, Laurie – Member for Reid (NSW)
    Shadow Minister for Population, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

  15. Ferguson, Martin – Member for Batman (Vic)
    Shadow Minister for Urban and Regional Development
    Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

  16. Fitzgibbon, Joel – Member for Hunter (NSW)
    Shadow Minister for Mining, Energy and Forestry

  17. Gillard, Julia – Member for Lalor (Vic)
    Shadow Minister for Health
    Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives

  18. Griffin, Alan – Member for Bruce (Vic)
    Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs
    Assisting the Shadow Minister for Health

  19. Lundy, Kate – Senator for Australian Capital Territory
    Shadow Minister for Information Technology
    Shadow Minister for Sport
    Shadow Minister for the Arts

  20. McClelland, Robert – Member for Barton (NSW)
    Shadow Minister for Homeland Security

  21. McMullan, Bob – Member for Fraser (ACT)
    Shadow Minister for Finance
    Shadow Minister for Small Business

  22. Melham, Daryl – Member for Banks (NSW)
    Shadow Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Local Government

  23. O’Brien, Kerry – Senator for Tasmania
    Shadow Minister for Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs
    Shadow Minister for Tourism
    Shadow Minister for Regional Services and Territories

  24. O’Connor, Gavan – Member for Corio (Vic)
    Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries

  25. Roxon, Nicola – Member for Gellibrand (Vic)
    Shadow Attorney-General
    Assisting the Leader on the Status of Women

  26. Rudd, Kevin – Member for Griffith (Qld)
    Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Security

  27. Sherry, Nick – Senator for Tasmania
    Shadow Minister for Retirement Incomes and Savings

  28. Smith, Stephen – Member for Perth (WA)
    Shadow Minister for Immigration

  29. Swan, Wayne – Member for Lilley (Qld)
    Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services

  30. Tanner, Lindsay – Member for Melbourne (Vic)
    Shadow Minister for Communications

  31. Thomson, Kelvin – Member for Wills (Vic)
    Shadow Minister for Sustainability, the Environment and Heritage

Parliamentary Secretaries

  1. Campbell, George – Senator for New South Wales
    Parliamentary Secretary (Industry, Innovation, Science and Research)

  2. Cook, Peter – Senator for Western Australia
    Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition

  3. Edwards, Graham – Member for Cowan (WA)
    Parliamentary Secretary (Defence)

  4. Forshaw, Michael – Senator for New South Wales
    Parliamentary Secretary (Family and Community Services)

  5. Livermore, Kirsten – Member for Capricornia (Qld)
    Parliamentary Secretary (Sustainability, the Environment and Heritage)

  6. Ludwig, Joe – Senator for Queensland
    Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate
    Parliamentary Secretary (Attorney-General and Homeland Security)

  7. Murphy, John – Member for Lowe (NSW)
    Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition

  8. O’Byrne, Michelle – Member for Bass (Tas)
    Parliamentary Secretary (Communications)

  9. Sidebottom, Sid – Member for Braddon (Tas)
    Parliamentary Secretary (Agriculture and Resources)

  10. Snowdon, Warren – Member for Lingiari (NT)
    Parliamentary Secretary (Northern Australia and Reconciliation)

  11. Zahra, Christian – Member for McMillan (Vic)
    Parliamentary Secretary (Urban and Regional Development, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism)

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