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Archives for February 2004

Books On Parliament

I can recommend the following books on Parliament in general, the Australian Parliament in particular, and politics in general.

I personally own, have read, or am familiar with all of them. The clickable link enables immediate purchase from Amazon Books. Many books are also available secondhand at a reduced price.

Amazon Books is highly recommended. Purchases of any kind from Amazon made through clickable links assist in the financial running of this site, so even if you’re looking for something completely unrelated to politics you will assist the site to remain free by following these links. [Read more…]

Sophie Panopoulos Appears On Insiders To Attack Mark Latham

This is what Sophie Panopoulos had to say about Mark Latham on today’s edition of Insiders.

Panopoulos is the Liberal member for Indi, in northern Victoria. She has held the seat since 2001.

She appeared on the Insiders segment given over to allowing MPs a minute to talk about whatever they wish. [Read more…]

What Happened When Howard Found Out Latham Had Also Been Invited Onto The 7.30 Report

This is what Kerry O’Brien told viewers tonight about Prime Minister John Howard’s reaction to finding out that Opposition Leader Mark Latham had been invited to appear on the same edition of The 7.30 Report. [Read more…]

Beattie Names Third Term Cabinet

The re-elected Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, has announced his new ministry.

About one third of the ministry is new. Beattie said: “I’m delighted to be able to give the people of Queensland a fresh, energetic and committed group of Ministers who will drive the implementation of our election commitments and build on the work we have been doing since 1998.” [Read more…]

Howard Closes Off Parliamentary Superannuation Scheme; New MPs To Receive Community Standard 9%

Prime Minister John Howard has announced that the government will legislate immediately to close down the existing Commonwealth Parliamentary superannuation scheme to new MPs.

The scheme will be replaced by one with a government (employer) contribution of 9%.

Howard said he had decided to act immediately on parliamentary superannuation “to get it off the agenda as a partisan political issue”. The move follows campaigning on the issue by new Opposition Leader Mark Latham. [Read more…]

The First Question Time For 2004

Federal Parliament met today for the first time in the 2004 election year.

Nearly three months into Mark Latham’s leadership of the ALP, Question Time (2pm daily) was eagerly awaited for the clues it might provide to the course of the battle between the 8-year-old Howard government and the Federal Opposition.

  • Listen to Question Time 53m)

The following questions were asked:

  1. Mark Latham to John Howard:
    Would the government support the ALP’s recently announced literacy program and encourage parents to read aloud to their children? [Read more…]

Latham Announces Policy To Restrict Parliamentary Superannuation

A Labor government will close down the existing superannuation schemes for MPs, judges and the Governor-General, and replace them with schemes more in keeping with the “community standard”.

The policy was released today by the Opposition Leader, Mark Latham. He said the schemes were a “major source of public dissatisfaction and cynicism in modern politics”.

No new entrants will be allowed into the schemes, but all current members will receive their entitlements.

  • Listen to Latham’s Announcement (8m)

This is a media statement released by Mark Latham.

Today I can announce that a Labor Government will close down the superannuation schemes for Federal MPs, judges and the Governor-General. [Read more…]

Beattie Says Free Trade Deal Is Betrayal Of Sugar Industry

The newly re-elected Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, who lost so-called “sugar seats” in the election two days ago, has been quick to criticise the Free Trade Agreement with the United States announced today.

Text of media release from the Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie.

Sour free trade deal means Howard must deliver $120M to sugar industry

BeattiePremier Peter Beattie is bitterly disappointed that the Federal Coalition left the sugar industry out of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

“Prime Minister Howard says the deal is “fantastic” but it is in fact a betrayal of the Queensland sugar industry,” Mr Beattie said.

“It has shattered hopes held by the sugar industry and the Queensland Government for fairer access to a market of 280 million people. [Read more…]

ALP Attacks Government For Selling Out Australian Farmers In FTA

The Labor Opposition has attacked the Free Trade Agreement with the United States as a sell-out of Australian farmers, particularly those in the sugar, dairy and beef industries.

The agreement was announced today.

The ALP has also criticised the proposed changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and patent laws. [Read more…]

Farmers Lobby Group ‘Very Disappointed’ With Aspects Of FTA

The National Farmers Federation says the Australia-United State Free Trade Agreement has benefits for Australian agricultural industries, but the US has failed to deliver on free trade in agriculture.

Text of media release from Peter Corish, President of the National Farmers Federation.

CorishThe US Australia Trade Agreement has benefits for several Australian agricultural industries, but the United States has failed to deliver on free trade in agriculture, National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President, Mr Peter Corish said today.

Mr Corish explained that market access gains had been achieved for Australia’s dairy, beef, horticulture, sheepmeat and wool sectors. [Read more…]