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Beattie Names Third Term Cabinet

The re-elected Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, has announced his new ministry.

About one third of the ministry is new. Beattie said: “I’m delighted to be able to give the people of Queensland a fresh, energetic and committed group of Ministers who will drive the implementation of our election commitments and build on the work we have been doing since 1998.”

Text of Peter Beattie’s media statement announcing his new ministry.

Premier Announces New Cabinet

Peter Beattie, Premier of QueenslandPremier Peter Beattie says his new Cabinet will deliver the improved services promised during the election campaign and continue to drive Queensland as the engine room of Australia.

“Nearly a third of the Cabinet comprises new Members, giving us new ideas and a new approach to tackling problems,” said Mr Beattie.

“There are also six very able parliamentary secretaries who will be assisting in some of the busiest portfolios to ensure we are delivering services where they are needed and to listen and consult with Queenslanders.”

Cabinet Ministers for the third Beattie Government are:

  1. Peter Beattie – Premier and Minister for Trade
  2. Terry Mackenroth – Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Sport
  3. Anna Bligh – Minister for Education and the Arts
  4. Tom Barton – Minister for Employment, Training and Industrial Relations
  5. Tony McGrady – Minister for State Development and Innovation
  6. Gordon Nuttall – Minister for Health
  7. Robert Schwarten – Minister for Public Works, Housing and Racing
  8. Judy Spence – Minister for Police and Corrective Services
  9. Rod Welford – Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
  10. Paul Lucas – Minister for Transport and Main Roads
  11. Henry Palaszczuk – Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries
  12. Stephen Robertson – Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
  13. Mike Reynolds – Minister for Child Safety
  14. Warren Pitt – Minister for Communities and Disability Services
  15. Margaret Keech – Minister for Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development
  16. John Mickel – Minister for the Environment
  17. Desley Boyle – Minister for Local Government and Planning
  18. Chris Cummins – Minister for Emergency Services
  19. Liddy Clark – Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy

Parliamentary secretaries are:

  1. Pat Purcell – Public Works, Housing and Racing
  2. Neil Roberts – Deputy Premier and Treasurer
  3. Jo-Anne Miller – Health
  4. Linda Lavarch – State Development and Innovation
  5. Lindy Nelson-Carr – Assisting the Premier in North Queensland
  6. Karen Struthers – Assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs

The Third Beattie Ministry

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